Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Goodbye Blog

This blog has been so much fun. 
It was a great way to record those precious first few years
as husband and wife. Before babies and kids and grown up jobs. 
I hope this will be a great journal for me and my family for years to come.
I'll be converting this blog to a book and then it's time to say goodbye.

Much love friends! 
The Steels

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of 2014 - Randoms...

I left Rehab Systems October of 2014 and started working at EHM Engineers in
Twin Falls. It was a super easy, sometimes boring job. But the people were laid
back and fun and the hours were flexible. Which was exactly what I needed as we were preparing to begin our second round of Invitro next spring. They were great to work with me and my schedule and all of my doctor appointments in Boise. I am so grateful to this job. This is me and my friend
Becky who I worked with. She is the main secretary and I was a receptionist and errand girl. ;)

I rode up to Oregon with my parents to attend the blessing of little Levi.
It was so fun and great to see Jane again. Oh and Rich and Caitlin. ;)

My dad having some fun on the toys at the park in Oregon. ;)

Fun with nieces! 

We travelled to Utah for Dave and Teresa's EPIC
Jimmy Fallon New Years Eve party!

So fun! We played Box of Lies, Egg Roulette, Pictionary,
and lots of other fun games. But first we played with the kids. ;) 

We toasted to a great 2015...Little did we know we would 
be having twin baby boys in less than a year!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Recap - Fall of 2014

My Dad turned 60 and James had a LOT of fun with that.

He bought him a bed pan and melted chocolate and smeared it all over with
lots of toilet paper. Let your imagination work here. ;)

 We also bought him some depends...for when the occasion calls for them. 

We had another slumber party with Lisa's kiddos. After they hung out at our 
place and spent the night...we promised to take them to the fair in Burley.

Except...the only time we could make it...the rides weren't open yet.
Aunt and Uncle FAIL!!! haha

James's first day at nursing school! 
If he had known then how horrible and mind numbingly awful it was...
he probably wouldn't have gone through with it. Shhhh...we won't tell him here. ;) 

Carlson's came to visit! We hung out at home and then the next day we went to 
my parent's dairy farm so Dave could milk cows again. We had a blast and the kids 
enjoyed the four wheelers and tractors!

My last day at Rehab Systems (Praise the Heavens) and my crew took me out to lunch
at Scooters. This is Thad Nielson, me, Lori, and Seth.

James and Dave and a bunch of our friends and cousins ran the Ragnar Race in Las Vegas.
Teresa and I opted out, but we had a great time walking the strip, checking out the celebs 
in the Wax museum, eating delicious food, and just hanging out and laughing all day.
I love Teresa. Such a great day!

The boys...sore and miserable and tired...joined us later that night. 

The bromance is alive and well! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oregon Coast 2014

It was a fun trip with the Steel Family to the Oregon Coast this year!
James and I drove out and stopped for a night to see Richard and Caitlin in
Corvallis. It was super fun to hang out and be with them and see Jane. So fun!

We rented beach bikes and spent the afternoon riding around the beach. 
I loved doing this. It was so much fun!

I had my birthday in Oregon. So the family go together and bought me
a delicious Oreo Ice Cream cake. Super fun!

James and I stopped to see a famous mansion in Portland on our way out. 
Beautiful house and awesome view.