About Us

                      JAMES:  loves green mint brownies. soccer. england. working out. camaro's.
                                      traveling. four wheelers. raspberries. jason bourne. dodge trucks. 
                                      meat and potatoes. horses. skiing. the mountains. family. friends. 
                                      and of course, his darling wife. 
                                      hates bad drivers. shaving. inconsiderate people. and bananas. 
                     CINDY:  loves books. writing. taking pictures. country living. tractors. working
                                     out. baking. europe. farming. the 1800's 4 wheelers. long walks.
                                     sports. beating james in anything. date nights. oreos and ice cream.
                                     girl movies. bananas. being creative. family. friends. and of course,
                                     her darling husband.
                                     hates working all day, mushrooms, mean people, being hungry,
                                     and seafood.

And together we are the Steels.                   

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