Monday, October 25, 2010

Micah's Cake

My cutie-pie niece Micah turned 8 and got baptized 
this last weekend.  James was lucky enough to get 
Saturday off so we made a weekend out of it visiting 
his and my parents.  I asked my sister if I could make
Micah a cake because lets face it, I never get the chance
to make cakes and they are my favorite thing to make.

Micah's favorite colors are blue and green.

Micah loves white cake with white frosting.  So the top cake
is a homemade white cake with a caramel frosting filling and the
bottom cake is a butter pecan cake also with a caramel filling.
(mostly cause I was too lazy to figure out another filling, but
I figured anything is better with caramel.) The cake is frosted
with a buttercream frosting, then covered in fondant.

 It turned out to be much more work than anticipated...haha!
But I loved it!  I finished it up at my mom's house and
my sister in law (who is awesome at decorating cakes herself)
helped me "glue and paste" all the flowers and stripes and stuff.
We had a blast decorating to Taylor Swift in the background!  
Thanks Caitlin!

Me and Miss Micah at the church.
Congratulations Micah!
It was a great weekend and so fun to see and
visit with family.  James and I both just love our in-laws
and realize how lucky we are to have great parents and families!


Bekah said...

Sounds like a great weekend but my first thought was were up this way again and didn't call. ;) Not like you were busy or anything! :) Carter is a little sad about it. He told me so.

zealygirl said...

That cake is so adorable! I love the spirally-curly things. You're amazing!

Dave to Claire said...

Wow that cake is amazing! When did you get so good at that? You can make me a cake ANY TIME!

Mike and Kim said...

Wow you did an amazing job!

Melanie said...

wow, what a can make us a cake anytime!

The Romney Family said...

SO freakin awesome! I love doing cakes too, but you're like a FOR REAL cake decorator! Mine are not so pretty. :(

And P.S. That brides photo shoot is like the coolest idea ever! I've thought about doing one of myself somewhere down the road (if I can still squeeze into the dress...), but it never occurred to me to do it with friends or sisters! How fun! I would love to get all my sisters together once my little sis is married and do this. And you look gorgeous, by the way!

SuiKim Friedmann said...

Gorgeous cake! I also might try out this Prison Break thing you're in too! I've only heard a little about it, but maybe I'll have to join in the marathon when I get around to it! Thanks for the suggestion! :)