Friday, October 29, 2010

Riddle me this

Oh what's that you ask?

Why is my house a declared disaster zone?

Why has there been two big pots "soaking" 
in the sink for daayyss?

Why is the counter-top in my kitchen so covered and filled 
with dirty dishes that I can't see the counter? (sorry, tmi.)

Why has my laundry sat in the basket, not folded and 
not put away for about a week or so?

Why are the bedrooms in my house extremely messy, 
cluttered, and with clothes everywhere?

Why am I having such a hard time getting over 
the flu and cold I've had for over a week?

Why am I so tired all of the time?

Why have we not taken as many walks through 
the beautiful autumn season in Logan as I had planned?

Why do I have dreams of being in prison and trying to 
escape like how Michael Scofield did?

OH.  Perhaps this is why... 

We are obsessed, addicted, 
and pathetic all rolled into one.

The other night we even went so far as to have a 
sleepover in the front room on the love sac
next to the TV so we could stay up later and watch longer. 

I absolutely hate this feeling of being so nasty and
lazy.  If you ever have the chance to watch Prison
Break, DON'T DO IT!  It will ruin your life!  

On a more positive note.  
I have today off from
work and James and I have an agreement that 
we are not allowed to watch Prison Break without
each other, so I have all day to get my house 
cleaned, vacuumed, swept, laundered, and washed.

(except a few days ago, I had time to do some cleaning
but ended up just watching some of my favorite parts we
had already watched from Prison Break...)



Dave and Teresa said...

I just have three words for you... You-Are-Welcome!!!! Dave and I spent about a month watching Prison Break and I am not ashamed to say that I cried when it was over... don't you just love Michael Scofield? Anyway, our house looked like a bomb went off in it so we know exactly where you're coming from. Call us when you finish... we will need to discuss!

Mitch and Jaci said...

Mitch and I did the same thing! Its crazy how addicting that show is. Just enjoy it!

Wendy said...

geez and I thought you were going to say you were pregnant...:) haha... Last summer we were addicted to House and watched every season.

Dave to Claire said...

Riddle me this: Why is okay with you to be that lazy with your hubby but not with me and amy and autumn back in the day. You'd try to kill us when we would do movie marathons. How the tables have turned miss cindalou.

The Romney Family said...

Oh, Prison Break. haha Nathan and I burned through Season 1 in, I swear, like a day and a half. It was bad. Really bad. We finally decided we needed to stop about halfway through Season 2 when I made the mistake of taking a step back, surveying my life and realizing I had two children to care for in the REAL world. After going through withdrawal for a few weeks, we finally realized we were ok not finishing, but now I read your post and... --sigh-- Maybe we'll pick back up where we left off! haha

Woolcott Family said...

Ha ha! I totally understand! I just finished the last episode of season 4 yesterday.... When you are all finished - we must discuss!