Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teresa the Beautiful

My cousin and one of my very best friends got hitched last Friday. Teresa married James's Roommate, Dave. It was awesome when we were dating because we always had a couple to double with! And now the boys inform us that they are super excited to be related by marriage because now at family reunions, they will have somebody to play with...

Teresa looking smokin hot! Dave cleans up pretty good too... Just know i love you Dave.

The Gary Bradshaw fam...

These kids are part of the Ice Cream before the luncheon crowd... BEST CROWD TO BE IN, by the way...

My freaking gorgeous cousins Debra and Kim!

The Girls... Sabrina, Rachel, Teresa, Jessica, and Me.


Everything was awesome and so fun! Now they are on their honeymoon and
I. am. jealous.
Congrats to the happy couple!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Okay I know I am new at playing wifey, but I did attempt to make my man and me a Sunday Roast with all the works. It turned out pretty good if i do say so myself, with just one minor prob...

SICK, I KNOW. One of us (who shall remain nameless until I need leverage for something) had a bit of confusion and thought Potato Peels could go down the garbage disposal. In case you have ever wondered, they can't!

So after a big meal with lots of pots and pans...

Don't let him fool you...he only did it for photographic effect. He put himself in charge of loading the dishwasher with the pans I washed...

So we left the sink as it was like this and turned on the dishwasher and went and started to have a Awesome Sunday Nap with plans of calling the maintenance guy the next day. When somewhere in between a bathroom break and a wake up kiss we heard a big WHOOSH and we both ran into the kitchen and discovered the dishwasher spewing out water all over our floor.
Potato Peels + Garbage Disposal = DISTURBED SUNDAY NAP!!!
Steels + Garbage Disposal = Disturbed Sunday Nap for Maintenence Guy

Monday, June 22, 2009

Reception Number TWO

Yup, we sure did get MARRIED before we had the reception in Rupert, but I don't have those pictures yet. So you get these! These are all thanks to my awesome cousin Lindsey, who I just gave my camera to before my reception and told her to take pictures till she hated the camera or until people started to hate her... unlikely...

Here is what it all looked like. It was supposed to be at my Aunt Barbara's front yard in Rupert but we got rained out, so the church was our 45th choice, but it was what we got so we were HAPPY.

My cake that I loved...

The guestbook and table.


It was on Old Fashioned Soda Fountain Theme...
Here are old time candies...

And the cupcakes...

Oh and there is my husband! We were still in Hawaii Time, please excuse us...

This is what we were thinking: We. Are. Tired.

The line-up

Our cheeks hurt

That there is me (takin a breather) and my hubby and the bright light at the bottom is my favorite cousin Sue. ONE OF MY FAVORITE COUSINS, excuse me.
Cousins, Roommates, Friends, Lovers...

Me and my dad looking all kinds of shabby in his pink tie that he LOVED!

I love this picture! My two Grandma's, Eva and Margene.

Me and the photographer herself, Lindsey

My nieces Morgan and Shelby.

Linda, Jamie, and Barbara

The Soda Jerks, Layne and Gary, dishing up ice cream floats of different flavors!


My favorite...The over-zealous "gift getters" just couldn't get the presents fast enough and began ASSAULTING the poor innocent guests at their cars

The Love-Birds, awaiting their wedding day in two weeks.

My car after THESE naughty's were done with it

James being the "favorite" uncle with Treysen

James's brother Ryan and his family made the trek all the way to Rupert for the reception. It was so fun having their awesome family there!

Survey Says:


Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Warning...There are lots of pictures in this post, but it is my blog and my honeymoon and I happen to love pictures!

Our view from our breakfast our first morning in Hawaii.

Mmm...Lu Lu's Surf Club

I had to post these pictures because it took us forever to get it just right so that the waves were crashing just as the camera clicked. We are really, really good at entertaining ourselves...

One beautiful stop on a scenic late afternoon drive along the shore!

Hello Beach! We sure do miss you...

The Laie Hawaii Temple! Under construction!!!
TOO BAD, we will have to come back later...

Struttin with our new tatoos from the Polynesian Cultural Center DON'T MESS!

Standing atop the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.

Okay, I know that the water is the only thing in focus, but I still happen to LOVE this picture.

Our wheels in Hawaii

Some cool Japanese Temple we stopped at one day. Oh and we both got to ring the GONG. Don't be jealous...

Our last breakfast at Dukes on Waikiki. It was pretty much the best breakfast ever! Made to order omelets and Coconut Syrup anybody????

HAWAII + The Steels = True Love