Monday, April 30, 2012

The Latest

Major Obsession happening HERE:

Drama, intrigue, romance, and beatutiful British costumes to beat!  I knew I was born in the wrong country...and decade...

In other news, James is busy schooling and working, and I'm busy working two jobs.  Photography is going good.  It is a fun, creative outlet for me and making a little money on the side of doing what you love is never a bad thing.

We are MOVING again!  haha, About every year or less, we seem to get the itch to move somewhere, but this time, wait for it... we have a GARAGE!  Whoop, Whoop!  We are just moving about 5 or so blocks away from where we are now, but we found a clean, new, quiet duplex nesteled back in a nice little neighboorhood, so we are taking it and can't wait to move.  So long noisy college apartments, we are SO done with you!  Now, if anybody has a nice, but cheap little lawnmower you would like to sell us, please let us know,  Oh and my landlord said we can plant some stuff in the small patch of dirt/flower bed that we have.  So now we are going to be GARDNERS as well!  Yay, homegrown tomatoes, potatoes, and peas, here we come!

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  SUMMER, a break from school, California, barbeques, family parties, camping, reunions, and garden produce! 

Life is good!  

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Ryan and Michele said...

I love Downton Abbey! It's so good. I tell everyone I know to watch it. Even my husbands tough guy army friends love it. I'm glad you're doing well and enjoying Idaho. I miss having you here in Logan. . .