Monday, August 31, 2009

Just for Fun

Cause I am bored at work today...


A: Addiction ~Cinnamon Life Cereal & James
B: Breakfast (what you eat) ~ Cheese Stick and Kashi Granola Bar
C: Chocolate or Chips ~ Chocolate
D: Dessert or Appetizers ~ Dessert
E: Essential Items ~ Car and House Keys

F: Favorite Color ~ Red
G: Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms ~ Gummy Bears
H: Hometown ~ Rupert, Idaho

I: Indulgence ~ Ice Cream and S'mores (lately)
J: January or July ~ July - It's my birthday month!
K: Kids ~ Not for a while, but definitely someday!
L: Life isn't complete without ~ James, family, and the Gospel

M: Most exciting memory ~ Lots to choose from, but lately I have ben thinking alot about the first couple months when James and I met and started dating. Awesome!
N: Number of Brothers and Sisters ~ 2 Brothers and 1 Sister
O: Oranges or Apples ~ Both, depending on my mood...
P: Phobias or Fears ~ Not being in control and death of family
Q: Quote ~ I will get back to you on this one, I have a ton that I love, but my mind is blank right now. (that was not a quote)
R: Reading ~ Nothing at the moment, any suggestions??

S: Summer or Spring ~ Spring
T: Tag 6 people ~ Teresa, Sue,(Cause the 3 of us used to do these kinds of things all day when we would email each other during work...) haha and Liz, Wendy, Rachel, Kim, Mea, Carrie, Tracy, and whoever else wants to...

U: Unknown Fact About Me ~ I have never been on a Jet Ski or Snowmobile. I have let Idaho down on this one...
V: Vacation I want to go on ~ James and I are going to Europe in October!!!
W: Walking or Running ~ Running for a purpose (exercise) but I LOVE taking walks!
X: X-Ray or Ultrasound ~ Ultrasound (A good reason to be at the hospital and much more exciting!)
Y: Your favorite food ~ Any homemade goodness

Z: Zoo or Bowling ~ Do the words Bradshaw Bowling Champion mean anything to you?????

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things...

That's right Folks...

Those are our legs and that is the Salt Lake Bee's Dugout!!! We decided to go the Bee's game on Monday night and we were waiting in line for tickets when these ladies came up and asked us if we wanted two of their tickets because they had too many. We said sure, we were just going to sit in the grass area out by the fields, so we figured any seat was better than that. They turned out to be the best seats in the house.

The awesome seats went straight to our heads!

To celebrate our free tickets we went on to share the most gigantic hot dog I have ever seen.

Besides getting free and awesome tickets to a baseball game...
Another one of my favorite things is waking up in a tent and sleeping bag out in the middle of nowhere with my husband!

Sadly, this is the only picture I had of the weekend in White Trash Paradise Lava Hot Springs. But it was awesome!
A quick, non picturesque run down of our weekend...
Grandpa's 91st Birthday CAMPING Hot Springs
S'mores Country Diner
Flying Tent
Campfire Snuggling Nasty Breakfast Buffet
Swimming Pool Slides
Hey James, That was fun! Let's do it again real SOON!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A month of slow blogging...

I'm playing catch-up. Sometimes I think that blogging is kind of dumb, other times I kind of like it, and so I go from posting lots to hardly at all, and it is a vicious cycle. So because I'm feeling okay about it today and I don't know how I will feel about it tomorow, I'm posting a bunch of the pictures I had in my camera for the past month.

First up is way back in July and my traditional Birthday Breakfast in Bed (traditional meaning it has only been done twice, once on my birthday and once on James's, but it is a tradition I would like to keep.) James did this all by himself and it was pretty dang good!

I love presents!

I happen to be married to a soccer freak/fanatic. A few weeks ago James and I and one of our best guy friends Nick went to the big Real Soccer Game. It was the one where the best of the USA played against a really good team in England. I enjoy Soccer just as much as the next person but THESE BOYS LOVE SOCCER and their reactions were awesome!
All the flags in the Soccer world (I think...)


Me and James

Me, James, and Nick
The boys

The stadium looked awesome all lit up at night!

The game went to overtime and it got pretty intense in the stands...

The Kick-Off in Overtime...

The stunned and heartbroken looks in the crowd when USA just couldn't pull through.

What a fun night! We both think Nick just might be one of the coolest guys ever!

Oregon Coast!
James's Family has a tradition of going to the Oregon Coast every other year or so. They rent a beach house and stay for almost a week. Because of nasty work schedules, James and I weren't able to stay that long, but we did stay a long weekend and it was freaking fun! All of James's family was there, except one brother and family. It was beautiful and I fell in love with Oregon! Not to mention, they have blackberry bushes that grow like weeks over there. We picked fresh blackberries every morning! I need to live in a place like that...
This was in the morning before the mist and fog dissapeared.

I love this boy!

This is us at Cannon Beach looking at all the sea creatures all over the rocks and sand.

Now, I grew up on a dairy farm and had to touch all kinds of weird crap (literally.) But I never developed a love of touching weird things, I actually hate it. But James would not let us leave this beach until I touched this stupid star fish.

This is how it all went down:
James: Hey come over here, look at this star fish!
Cindy: Wow, that's awesome!
James: Come here, touch it, it's awesome!
Cindy: No thanks!
James: Why? It won't hurt you.
Cindy: I don't want to.
James: Just touch it! It won't sting or anything.
Cindy: No, I don't want to!
James: Just TOUCH it!
Cindy: No! (start to run away)
James: Grabs my hand pulls me toward the fish, "Just touch it!"
James: Quit being a baby, just touch it, it won't hurt!
James: (teeth clenched and growling) Just touch the damn fish!
Cindy: (glaring) FINE! Sick! That's disgusting!

Just hanging out on Cannon Beach! A bit too chilly...

I wish I had some pictures of us all done up in our sexy wet suits boogie boarding in the ocean, but we never had our camera or people to take pictures of us, but let me just tell you that we are awesome boarders. Nothing like catchin a big wave, dude!

A pretty little waterfall we drove a very long way to see. Signs can be very misleading people...

Until next time...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just booked the tickets...

James and I decided that we want to do a bit of
seeing the world before we settle down,
so this is the bit of world we decided to see...

And WE are SUPER excited!!!

We want a ride on one of these, (but probably not cause we are not RICH ENOUGH!)

We want to eat THIS (lots and lots of this)

And go here

Whoops, probably not here...

and see LOTS of these

and here!

We have both been to Europe before (James served his mission in England and I went with a group from BYU-I to several countries) but we can always use some good suggestions of places to go and things to see and things like that. The countries we are going to are Italy, France, and England. I know there are some world travelers out there, so if you have any ideas feel free to let us know!
I just wish we were there already!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

So many sad things lately...

One of my good friends when I was growing up just recently lost her young husband in a plane crash. All three of us graduated together. I didn't really know Jordan, but Shelley and I have been friends since Kindergarten. Last Friday Jordan and his brother and father left in a small airplane being flown by Jordan's brother for an end of the summer fishing trip. When they didn't return on Sunday as planned, Shelley and the rest of the family became worrried. Turns out, they never even made it to their destination.

Their plane was found the next day with all three dead. Shelley and Jordan have three young children, ages 4, 2, and 3 months. My heart and prayers go out to the whole Mingo Family, Shelley, their brothers and sisters, and the poor mother who lost a husband and two sons all in one second...
Families are FOREVER!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Because it is a Boring Wednesday, and because I haven't uploaded any of the real pictures I wanted to blog, and because I wanted to post these pics anyway, but kept are a few of our favorite engagment pictures. Taken by my awesome sister in law Stacey in Idaho.

Do you think Pepsi would pay big bucks for this?