Monday, August 31, 2009

Just for Fun

Cause I am bored at work today...


A: Addiction ~Cinnamon Life Cereal & James
B: Breakfast (what you eat) ~ Cheese Stick and Kashi Granola Bar
C: Chocolate or Chips ~ Chocolate
D: Dessert or Appetizers ~ Dessert
E: Essential Items ~ Car and House Keys

F: Favorite Color ~ Red
G: Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms ~ Gummy Bears
H: Hometown ~ Rupert, Idaho

I: Indulgence ~ Ice Cream and S'mores (lately)
J: January or July ~ July - It's my birthday month!
K: Kids ~ Not for a while, but definitely someday!
L: Life isn't complete without ~ James, family, and the Gospel

M: Most exciting memory ~ Lots to choose from, but lately I have ben thinking alot about the first couple months when James and I met and started dating. Awesome!
N: Number of Brothers and Sisters ~ 2 Brothers and 1 Sister
O: Oranges or Apples ~ Both, depending on my mood...
P: Phobias or Fears ~ Not being in control and death of family
Q: Quote ~ I will get back to you on this one, I have a ton that I love, but my mind is blank right now. (that was not a quote)
R: Reading ~ Nothing at the moment, any suggestions??

S: Summer or Spring ~ Spring
T: Tag 6 people ~ Teresa, Sue,(Cause the 3 of us used to do these kinds of things all day when we would email each other during work...) haha and Liz, Wendy, Rachel, Kim, Mea, Carrie, Tracy, and whoever else wants to...

U: Unknown Fact About Me ~ I have never been on a Jet Ski or Snowmobile. I have let Idaho down on this one...
V: Vacation I want to go on ~ James and I are going to Europe in October!!!
W: Walking or Running ~ Running for a purpose (exercise) but I LOVE taking walks!
X: X-Ray or Ultrasound ~ Ultrasound (A good reason to be at the hospital and much more exciting!)
Y: Your favorite food ~ Any homemade goodness

Z: Zoo or Bowling ~ Do the words Bradshaw Bowling Champion mean anything to you?????

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