Sunday, January 23, 2011

This last weekend

This last weekend was 


Friday night after work, we headed
up to Lehi to hang out with my
brother and sister-in-law.  

On the way, we picked up dinner
for all of us...we pulled off at a 
convenient little spot right off of 
exit 123 in Murray.  It has a Cafe
Rio and a ZUPAS right next to 
each other...Best night EVER!

Then we drove to Lehi, hung
out, played games and talked. 
Then we were woken up in the
morning by a couple of cuties who
heard there was a surprise waiting 
for them in the basement. (Thanks Casey.)

The next day was fruit filled Crepes 
MMM...(thanks Trace), Chiropractor
visit, which meant a Tai Pan Trading 
visit for me while I was waiting, then
another stop off at ZUPAS for lunch.
We are a bit obsessed with the Cauliflower
soup.  Then we drove to Park City and 
shopped and just hung out together.  

After Park City, we drove to Salt
Lake, stopped off at the English
Market for James, then hung out
at the Gateway and bought more
awesome stuff.  After we met
 out besties at Sawadees for some
delish Thai food.  Then it was off 
to D and T's for Dessert and movie.

Then we made the long trip home.  

Sometimes, it is just good to get 
out and see stuff and just
HANG OUT and be together.

It was a good weekend.

Sorry no pictures today.

Friday, January 14, 2011

One resolution

Alright, I've got plenty of resolutions and things
to work on this coming year, but a-lot of those
are personal, thank you very much.  But I 
will share one thing with you, because it
may benefit you.  Or you may not care. 


I was going back through my blog the
other day, reading old posts (basically
James and I's diary of since we've been
married) and I realized that the past few 
months or so, we haven't done much of
anything crazy or fun like we did our 
first year.

I hardly have any new pictures posted 
and I hardly ever break out my camera 
when it's just the two of us anymore.
I didn't even take my camera out of 
the bag during christmas this year. 
UGH! Pathetic, I know!  I am kicking
myself now...

I realize that we've been busy with school,
 work, and granted it is winter (who wants 
to go outside if they don't have to??).  But
it still makes me sad.  Last year, we did tons 
of stuff (not all of it big, but we even made the 
little things we did fun and a big production.)  

I miss that.  So my new resolution for this 
year is to bring my camera to document 
James and I's 2nd full year of marriage.  
I am going to make us take more little road
trips to see new things, document our life
in our tiny little apartment in a college town,
and take pictures with our families. 

That is my new years gift to you!  
You. are. welcome.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Revisiting an old classic

I have made an important 

I was home all morning before work, 
cleaning, folding laundry, throwing
dinner in the crockpot, you know that
sort of stuff.

It was quiet, so I put on this old movie
for some background noise.

I had almost kind of forgotten about it.

Now, I will boldly say that it could quite
possibly be in my top 3 favorite movies 
of all time.  It is a classic.

It may or may not have been on 
repeat the the whole morning.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Blues

I'm dreaming...

-OF SUN!  Please oh please, can Summer just get here already???  I love Logan, but these winters might be the death of me!  

-For my dishes to do themselves.

-For Christmas to take down itself. (Okay, I've just been super lazy lately.)

-For the weekend to get here.

Can't wait for...

-WPPI Photography conference with Kristin and Belinda. YAY!!

-To use up some gift cards from Christmas...TJ MAXX and Maurices HERE I COME!

-James and I to actually go somewhere and do something so I can have pictures to document my life and my blog not be so boring.

-Teresa to have her baby already!  March just get here! (Love u T-pie.)

-Outside photography season.

-SUN.  Did I say that one already?

And because it is January and there is no end in sight for the BLASTED COLD, here are some picks of good times with our friend the sun this past summer. 

 The first few pics are from floating the provo river. It was one of the funnest things ever. There was a huge group of us and we all hung on together almost the whole trip.  Awesome.  

Here is me and the Mister.

These next pics are from one of our trips to 
Bear Lake with friends.
Here is Nick, the Merman.

The creators of Nick the Merman

And of course...Raspberry Shakes after!
(Who am I kidding. It was OREO ok.  Oreo.  
And it was delicious.)  

Winter.  You are not my friend.
Summer, I will be waiting for you.