Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Blues

I'm dreaming...

-OF SUN!  Please oh please, can Summer just get here already???  I love Logan, but these winters might be the death of me!  

-For my dishes to do themselves.

-For Christmas to take down itself. (Okay, I've just been super lazy lately.)

-For the weekend to get here.

Can't wait for...

-WPPI Photography conference with Kristin and Belinda. YAY!!

-To use up some gift cards from Christmas...TJ MAXX and Maurices HERE I COME!

-James and I to actually go somewhere and do something so I can have pictures to document my life and my blog not be so boring.

-Teresa to have her baby already!  March just get here! (Love u T-pie.)

-Outside photography season.

-SUN.  Did I say that one already?

And because it is January and there is no end in sight for the BLASTED COLD, here are some picks of good times with our friend the sun this past summer. 

 The first few pics are from floating the provo river. It was one of the funnest things ever. There was a huge group of us and we all hung on together almost the whole trip.  Awesome.  

Here is me and the Mister.

These next pics are from one of our trips to 
Bear Lake with friends.
Here is Nick, the Merman.

The creators of Nick the Merman

And of course...Raspberry Shakes after!
(Who am I kidding. It was OREO ok.  Oreo.  
And it was delicious.)  

Winter.  You are not my friend.
Summer, I will be waiting for you.



Dave and Teresa said...

65 days and counting! BTW, I love that you posted the "merman" pictures of Nick... so classic! As for the Logan winger, hang in there, it will be over in about 5 months... Miss you guys!

Dave to Claire said...

I hear ya. I need some more sun PRONTO too..especially since we just got home from a cruise 2 days ago and it was 85 the entire time. I hate the winter so badly. I can NOT wait till David and I more to Cali...I will NOT miss the snow. Hang in there and get preggo. :) Love you