Friday, October 29, 2010

Riddle me this

Oh what's that you ask?

Why is my house a declared disaster zone?

Why has there been two big pots "soaking" 
in the sink for daayyss?

Why is the counter-top in my kitchen so covered and filled 
with dirty dishes that I can't see the counter? (sorry, tmi.)

Why has my laundry sat in the basket, not folded and 
not put away for about a week or so?

Why are the bedrooms in my house extremely messy, 
cluttered, and with clothes everywhere?

Why am I having such a hard time getting over 
the flu and cold I've had for over a week?

Why am I so tired all of the time?

Why have we not taken as many walks through 
the beautiful autumn season in Logan as I had planned?

Why do I have dreams of being in prison and trying to 
escape like how Michael Scofield did?

OH.  Perhaps this is why... 

We are obsessed, addicted, 
and pathetic all rolled into one.

The other night we even went so far as to have a 
sleepover in the front room on the love sac
next to the TV so we could stay up later and watch longer. 

I absolutely hate this feeling of being so nasty and
lazy.  If you ever have the chance to watch Prison
Break, DON'T DO IT!  It will ruin your life!  

On a more positive note.  
I have today off from
work and James and I have an agreement that 
we are not allowed to watch Prison Break without
each other, so I have all day to get my house 
cleaned, vacuumed, swept, laundered, and washed.

(except a few days ago, I had time to do some cleaning
but ended up just watching some of my favorite parts we
had already watched from Prison Break...)


Monday, October 25, 2010

Micah's Cake

My cutie-pie niece Micah turned 8 and got baptized 
this last weekend.  James was lucky enough to get 
Saturday off so we made a weekend out of it visiting 
his and my parents.  I asked my sister if I could make
Micah a cake because lets face it, I never get the chance
to make cakes and they are my favorite thing to make.

Micah's favorite colors are blue and green.

Micah loves white cake with white frosting.  So the top cake
is a homemade white cake with a caramel frosting filling and the
bottom cake is a butter pecan cake also with a caramel filling.
(mostly cause I was too lazy to figure out another filling, but
I figured anything is better with caramel.) The cake is frosted
with a buttercream frosting, then covered in fondant.

 It turned out to be much more work than anticipated...haha!
But I loved it!  I finished it up at my mom's house and
my sister in law (who is awesome at decorating cakes herself)
helped me "glue and paste" all the flowers and stripes and stuff.
We had a blast decorating to Taylor Swift in the background!  
Thanks Caitlin!

Me and Miss Micah at the church.
Congratulations Micah!
It was a great weekend and so fun to see and
visit with family.  James and I both just love our in-laws
and realize how lucky we are to have great parents and families!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day with MA SISTAS

Last Saturday was 
particularly awesome.  

I will explain more about it all tomorrow on
my photography blog.  But I couldn't help but
post a few pictures here.  I am in love with this idea.

4 Sisters. 4 Brides (at one time.)
4 Dusty Wedding Dresses.

Interesting to note 2 of the 4 brides were 
married 10 years ago, have had 4 kids, and
can still fit perfectly back in their dresses.

INSPIRING, if you ask me!

Interested in this Unique Photo Shoot?  
Arrange it with your girls, email me, call me...
I would LOVE to.

See more of our Saturday Bridal Adventures 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday, Pumpkins, Friends and Fun

The other day was one of my best cousins Sue's birthday! 
Wahoo!  So Teresa and Dave invited everybody over to their 
house for a Birthday /Celebration/pumpkin Carving Contest/Eat 
alot of good food party. All of which happened.  It was fun 
night and so fun to see these guys we don't get to see near 
as often as we would like. 

Here is the Birthday girl herself. Underneath her
special birthday sign.  Cropped. haha

 Scott, Jessica, and Sue

And I just realized, I didn't get anymore people pictures, 
but lots of pumpkin pics!  I brought the wrong lens with me
so I couldn't get all the pumpkins in one shot.  

 The pumpkin James's carved is the sad little guy on the
 left in the picture above.  But he wanted me to point 
out that, that is all free hand, my friends!  
No stenciling!  haha! 

 It was a fun night and well worth the drive!  
Thanks for having a birthday Shuzam!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ode to Netflix

Remember this little gem of a show???

Thanks to Netflix, it is back in our lives again!  
I had forgotten how amazing this show is.
Cowboys, indians, Sully in his sexy indian getups...
This show rocks!  Thanks again Netflix!  You
have saved us from our (James's) No-Cable woes...