Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last weekend, we took a wet and wild trip (can I say that) with these kids up to Powder Mountain to go Skiing/Snowboarding.

It was quite the trip...we had bad weather, wrong turns, a long bus ride, and freezing cold weather...

But when you are with friends like these...

who cares????

It just makes for better stories.

We love our friends!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ugly Sweater Party

Okay, while this was a freaking fun night, the pictures are going to be super embarrasing. Just warning you...we are not our usual adorable selves. Wait what?

Now... Introducing the WINNER of the Ugly Sweater of the night (although I think that included the whole outfit, not just the sweater...)

My husband...

Mr. James Steel!!!

And his wife...

And Sue, shining as brightly as her ugly sweater...

And these two naughtys who have been hiding from us for a while... dressed in very appropriate hideous sweaters... Love you two kids!

Working it!!

And then there is VW or Ryan for most people, who couldn't look ugly even if he tried.

He had to write UGLY on his shirt, so we would understand... haha

And here is James M, looking like a golfer gone UGLY!

James and Dave

And Miss Rebecca who knocked our socks off with her wicked awesome outfit! Doesn't she look beautiful??? :)

Brandon and Connie


The boys playing some "Mormified" drinking games.

Oh Dave...words can't even express what this picture will mean to me in years to come... haha!!

And his beautiful bride Teresa, who can't look ugly, even in a wicked ugly sweater!


The Bradshaw Originals...

Lovely Kellie!

Jessica...we love this girl!

The Hamiltons

That's right Dave, slick those curls back into place...

Not sure what Ryan was doing here. haha

The boys!

This picture actually frightens me a little bit.

The Girls

Working it, I guess...

Oh Teresa, we just caught the tail end of her famous Monkey face. We will have to get it better next time! haha

The Carlson's


Connie and Teresa, So cute!

Sorry about this...They had had ALOT of caffeneited beverages by this point. haha. We are a wild bunch...Who needs Alcohol?

This picture wins for the creepiest picture of the night. It wins, hands down, no contest. Something about Dave's eyes and the look on James's face. I can't look at it without getting grossed out. But for your viewing pleasure...

This night was a blast! We have the greatest friends!! It is fun to do dumb, random things every once in a while. We maybe do them more than we should...haha, but it does keep life from being boring!

Monday, January 18, 2010


My cousin and her husband hosted an


on Saturday Night.

Let me tell you First that it was one of the funnest parties we have ever been to...

and Second...

James WON the ugliest sweater contest.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pool Night

So our friend Nick called us up the other night and said, "Hey do you guys want to come play some pool?" And we said..."Yeah, we do."