Friday, January 8, 2010

Rockin New Years Eve

This year we spent New Years Eve at our friend Jessica's house. She just bought a beautiful new house in Ogden and it was awesome!! We had so much fun and ate way too much, so you know it was a good night...

The Party Boys...

James and Ryan

Jessica, Sue, and me.

Me and Sue

See what I mean about the food? LOTS of it and that isn't even all. (It looked way more appetizing in me.)

Me and Miss Rebecca

James, Dave, and Nick

The girls - Teresa, Sue, Rebecca, and me

Hope your New Years was good too...

Here's to a New Year, a Fresh Start, New Opportunities,
and New Resolutions!!! Hope 2010 is a good one!

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ME ME ME said...

Sounds like your New years was a lot more exciting than mine. I fell asleep, got woken up right before midnight by David for a nice kiss, and passed back out on the couch. But it's always nice to kiss the one you love at midnight. It's getting ridiculous now..I want to see you! I miss you SOOOOOO bad