Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Christmas

Hey guess what?! We are back from a great Christmas in Idaho (for 5 days, not the original 2), prolonged by the stomach flu.

And Guess what?? I didn't take a single picture to document! I was too busy just being there...and throwing up. (You're welcome for the mental image)

So here is a words.

Tremonton, Stockings, Presents, Two little boys and Santa Clause, Candy, Air Mattress, Gooding, Christmas Dinner, Family, Cherry Pie, Taboo, Muddy Buddies, Running laps in the Gooding School gym to work off Muddy Buddies (and pies, and candy, and chocolate, and ice cream...) Basketball, Apple Pie, Shooting 22's, Bowling, Cafe Rio, Cjane, Dairy Queen Blizzards, The Ultimate Gift - Christmas Movie, Throw Up, Rupert, Church, Sick, Presents, Lisa and Brandon's family, Word on the Street, 13, Mom's Christmas Goodies, Richard and Caitlin, Family, Prolonged Rupert Visit due to Illness, Naps with James, Long Drive back to Utah, Winter Storm, Good Times!!!

All in all, minus the sickness, it was a great holiday! It was our first Christmas together and we had lots of fun together and with family! I can't wait until next year! (Actually, yeah I can, I need a LONG HOT SUMMER!!!)

Oh and just FYI...Cafe Rio Salads do not taste good the second time around (if you know what I mean). We are SO done with that place for at least a month.


Jay and Mea said...

HA! I got sick eating my leftover Cafe Rio salad for dinner, when we had just eaten there for lunch. It was WAY too much Cafe Rio (I guess that's possible). I paid for it the next couple of days... you totally know what I'm talking about ;) Glad you had a nice Christmas in Idaho!

Dave to Claire said...

Are you sure that "stomach flu" isnt a permanent morning sickness for the next, say, nine months?!!? Sounds fishy to me.
Im glad you had a great Christmas. It's so fun being together for the holidays.