Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey There Mr. Tax Man

Tax season 2011:

Is tax season (for all of you who are too cheap to pay for a real accountant) frustrating to you???

Here is a break down of how our process went:

-Turbo Tax
-Trying to find all W-9's this last year.  Including um...FOUR for me. Yes, FOUR.
-Thinking we are doing awesome when we found all of our W-9's, until realizing we still have to find a whole bunch of other crap needed for taxes (stock info, bank account info, 401K info...)
-Having 3 or 4 frustration arguments between my hubby and I (probably less than last year).
-Punching buttons on Turbo Tax we THINK are right, but really we have no idea what they mean.

Really, is it worth all of this stress (on our marriage - haha)???   Next year, I am thinking Mr. Accountant man is sounding nice.



Bekah & Lance said...

We use Turbo Tax every year. The first few years I had my dad help us and then the last couple we've done it ourselves (meaning I've pretty much done it). The first year doing it by myself was hard because I didn't have everything but after going through and knowing what I need for deductions and such I keep a manilla envelope for the next year's taxes so that whenever I get a receipt or something that I think I may be able to use on next years taxes I just stick it in there and then they're all together when tax season comes. On buttons I don't know I always figure if the help button doesn't let me know what it is, then it doesn't apply to me because I have no idea what it is. It is frustrating! But can be done if you choose to. :) Just think next year you'll get to file in 2 states too. :)

Anonymous said...

No way, doing taxes is the best. I always have mine done before the end of January and LOVE the refund coming my way in 8 shorts days afterwards. I don't know why, but I secretly love it. The day we actually HAVE money and might owe won't be nearly as exciting. I'll do yours anytime. ;)

The Romney Family said...

Just call me and I'll make my husband do it for you for free. :) That's what I married him for. haha