Thursday, April 21, 2011

Idaho Bound

That's right!  
In a couple weeks we will be headed HERE:
with smiles on our faces!

Yes, we did just move to Logan last August.  :)  
James has decided to change his major from Forestry and pursue 
the Nursing Program.  In doing some research, we discovered
that we can save a boatload of money by attending in Twin Falls.

Not to mention that it is very close to our families who we miss
when we are away too long.  We have been looking for a reason
to get back to Idaho, it just came sooner than we were expecting!

We have loved living in Logan!  We have made some great friends
and both of us have just learned so much while being here.  We have
both grown so much here by meeting the people we did. I feel
that it was a very much needed stop for us.  An important stop 
that has and will change our lives for the better because of it..   
Our time in Logan has been short, but a very
important stop for us and one we will remember for a lifetime.

It is interesting to be able to look back on our lives and our
journey and be able to see the hand of the Lord in plotting
our life's map.  The road we take and the stops we get off 
on.  We have been very blessed to know the Lord is behind
us and can feel his hand in our lives.   The move to Twin is
scary.  We have to start all over again, in a sense, but we are 
excited as well and are looking forward to leaping with faith.
(Woah, I don't usually go this deep on here...haha)

Anyway, now we are Idaho bound in a couple weeks and I haven't 
done a lick of packing.  Why is it that procrastination seems to makes 
me the most productive in the end??


Andrea said...

Exciting!! That will be super fun to be close to both your families! Don't envy your packing fun though.. definitely the worst part of moving. Good luck!

Mike and Kim said...

Congratulations! I hate moving but it's also exciting to start a new adventure. Good Luck!