Thursday, May 5, 2011

A very random post

Phew...Nothing but boxes, cleaner, and vacuuming over here!  (And maybe a little bit of the 5 hour version of Pride and Prejudice while I'm cleaning...) We move to Idaho tomorrow.  Wow, TOMORROW, people!  Tomorrow always seemed so far away and then all of a sudden it just showed up.  I have been busy trying to pack in an organized manner and if you have ever moved before, we all know that that lasts like maybe 10 seconds.  I can be as organized as I can be, but then there is ALWAYS. MORE. STUFF.  You might think that is the last of it, then it's like, "oh yeah - I forgot about that, Oh yeah - that too, oh, yeah - that...there is just STUFF EVERYWHERE!  Okay, I'm done with my rant.  I would way rather be packing than be at work, where James is today, so I guess I should count my blessings.  And in brighter news, we dropped a big load off at the DI and let me just tell you, that felt amazing.

Well, I do have a few pictures of our last couple weeks here in Logan.  They aren't amazing, but they are better than nothing!  I really am trying to be better to use my camera for PERSONAL stuff as well as business.

Last week, we had a great day before Easter Celebration.  I created a mini easter egg hunt for James, which he whined about the whole time because he doesn't want to have to FIND his eggs, he just wants to eat the candy.  So we finally resorted to me telling him hot or cold if he was close to an egg, to get his torture over with quicker.  And I was a really cool, sexy wife because I left him love notes in the eggs as well.  :)

Then after the egg hunt, I made him go on a nature walk with me that I've wanted to go on for a long time.  It is by the golf course in Logan, there is a trail that follows the Logan River.  It is very pretty and relaxing and I just needed to smell nature for a bit.  Bring on Summer, I am SO READY!  We both smelled a bit like we had been camping when we got back and it was wonderful.  I don't know how we smelled like camping because there was no campfire around or anything, but we did!

After our nature walk, I again made him take me to a little movie
called Water for Elephants.  This is how I asked James to go over text messaging:

Cindy: Hey can we go see Water for Elephants tonight?
James: What the H is that?  My instinct tells me no.
Cindy: It is a total guy movie, you will love it.
James: No.

When he got home, I showed him a preview, begged and he finally said yes. 
He loves me.
And we both liked the movie a-lot.  James liked it, I LOVED it.  
Just FYI.

I can't believe we are coming up on 2 years this month.
Pretty crazy.  

We will miss you Logan!  
(and we will miss Charlie's amazing Oreo Shake)

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zealygirl said...

We will totally have to get together after you guys get settled.

And, by the way, Lucas got me a BlendTec for Mother's Day. Pretty cool! You should give me your best recipes for it as we are excited to experiment!