Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Warm River Reunion

Every summer, my mom's family heads up past
Ashton, Idaho to a beautiful place called Warm River. Even
in August, when we usually go, it is never warm. This year,
they got the campsit for June...and it was FREEZING!
But it was also very fun! James and I camped in our
little tent (froze), took walks, went for a jog (killed me)
played games, and ate, and ate, and ate. And since I don't
have kids of mine to take pictures of yet, I concentrated
on my nieces and nephews...

Here is the classic card game of Shanghi that is a staple at
family reunions. My Grandpa is and always will be the
BEST at this game.

James and me with Micah. We took some of the kids rock

I love this picture. These cousins are so cute! They will
be great friends when they grow up.

My Grandma Eva, my great Aunt Edna, and
my Great Aunt Katie. They each married
Cunningham Boys.

Little Chase







Lisa, Mom, and Me (I realize that a litte make-up
probably wouldn't have hurt me any, but I was
camping and therefore could NOT be bothered!

Me and ol' what's his name :)

Gone Fishing...

What a fun reunion! It is alwasy fun to get back
to Warm River. I have so many fun memories there.
It is fun to see a new generation love Warm River
as much as I did growing up. Actually, it is extremely
weird too...what the heck happened to my childhood?!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Pictures!

Please cick HERE for a look at new pictures
on my photography website!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Little Soccer

A few weeks ago, James joined a soccer
team with our friend Nick. Their team is actually
pretty good and the boys have a blast!

Some pics...

I love this picture.

I'm sorry, is this a soccer team or a dance

The boys after the, glistening.

The Groupies...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday James!

Back a little over 2 weeks ago,
James had a Birthday...

Let me just say that I love it when James has a
birthday because then it means that for a month
and a half we are the same age. You may be
thinking, "Wow, big deal, the same age."
But NO. Oh no no no.

James life purpose is to remind me
DAILY that I am a whopping 10
and a 1/2 months older than
him. Like, he can't NOT remind me.

Even though, technically, it just means that I am
wiser and MUCH more mature.
(Also, isn't it every boy's dream to get with an
older woman?) That is what I tell him...

SO, James's birthday means that for 1 1/2
months, I can get some peace and
quiet around here!

Presenting: James, now 26!

The traditional breakfast in bed.
James requested an Egg-McMuffin and fruit.

(I would put a picture of him in bed eating it,
but him and his attire...or lack not fit for
public viewing.)

The Cake... homemade chocolate cake with
store-bought frosting, per his request. (The cake
is actually just a fill in, something to serve our friends,
because he didn't want to share the green mint
brownies I also made him.)


The Friends: Sue, Nick, Teresa, Jon, and James.
Dave is here somewhere...

The Birthday Boy

Here is to another great year!!

Hope you had a good one
James-y Boy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adoption Boutique

A couple weekends ago, my cousins
Sue, Teresa, and I volunteered to donate a bunch
of baked goods for my cousin's Adoption
Boutique she organized.

It was more or less a craft boutique, but we are not
as much into the crafts as we are into the baking...


*I have had several friends involved in the
adoption process. I can't imagine how
hard it is with all of the emotional ups and
downs. And I just want to say that I have the
utmost respect and admiration for those who
are in the middle of it.*

My fancy-schmancy Coconut Cake.

On our table...
Coconut Cake with Lemon Curd Filling,
Pecan Pie Bars, S'more Bars, Homemade Oreos
Chocolate Covered Strawberries,
Chocolate Cake with Strawberry filling.

All in all it was a fun girls day out!
*In related news...
We just found out that last week my cousin Jason and his wife
Mea just adopted a baby boy who they named Jett!
I know it was a long time coming for Jason and Mea... but
I've just got to say how crazy it is with adoption and how
you can go from zero to 60 in a matter of days!
We are so happy for you guys and good luck with everything!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Go Aggies!

Well Folks...

It's official. Come August and we will be
Utah State Aggies!

We've got the housing if only
we can find us some good jobs...

We have been gearing up and are definitely
ready for the adventure of school.

We think.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blast from the Past

Last week one of my old, best college roommates who now
lives out in the middle of nowhere in WYOMING (sorry,
all you Wyoming-ers, couldn't resist, haha!) was passing
through the Salt Lake area.

It has been probably at least 4 years since we have seen each
other after college, marriages, moves, and babies.

It was high time we saw each other again...

Oh the memories of all the late nights staying up, talking,
reading Marcia Lynn McClure books, laughing, bawling
together on her bed watching Charly, flirting with boys,
Wendy's snorts, baking, and planning weddings just came
flooding back to me...
We had some good times that Wendy girl and me!

And she also brought with her our most favorite
neighbor and good friend at college, Suikim! This
girls is so freaking awesome and she brought her brand
new baby who is ADORABLE! Pretty much the cutest
little thing ever!

My little apartment was full of the cutest kids!

Good thing we have self timers on our cameras. James
left us after Cafe Rio...

Wendy and her cute kids.
Thanks so much for visiting girls, I had a blast! Next time
though, we should try to keep it less than 4 years before
we see each other again...