Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Warm River Reunion

Every summer, my mom's family heads up past
Ashton, Idaho to a beautiful place called Warm River. Even
in August, when we usually go, it is never warm. This year,
they got the campsit for June...and it was FREEZING!
But it was also very fun! James and I camped in our
little tent (froze), took walks, went for a jog (killed me)
played games, and ate, and ate, and ate. And since I don't
have kids of mine to take pictures of yet, I concentrated
on my nieces and nephews...

Here is the classic card game of Shanghi that is a staple at
family reunions. My Grandpa is and always will be the
BEST at this game.

James and me with Micah. We took some of the kids rock

I love this picture. These cousins are so cute! They will
be great friends when they grow up.

My Grandma Eva, my great Aunt Edna, and
my Great Aunt Katie. They each married
Cunningham Boys.

Little Chase







Lisa, Mom, and Me (I realize that a litte make-up
probably wouldn't have hurt me any, but I was
camping and therefore could NOT be bothered!

Me and ol' what's his name :)

Gone Fishing...

What a fun reunion! It is alwasy fun to get back
to Warm River. I have so many fun memories there.
It is fun to see a new generation love Warm River
as much as I did growing up. Actually, it is extremely
weird too...what the heck happened to my childhood?!

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