Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday James!

Back a little over 2 weeks ago,
James had a Birthday...

Let me just say that I love it when James has a
birthday because then it means that for a month
and a half we are the same age. You may be
thinking, "Wow, big deal, the same age."
But NO. Oh no no no.

James life purpose is to remind me
DAILY that I am a whopping 10
and a 1/2 months older than
him. Like, he can't NOT remind me.

Even though, technically, it just means that I am
wiser and MUCH more mature.
(Also, isn't it every boy's dream to get with an
older woman?) That is what I tell him...

SO, James's birthday means that for 1 1/2
months, I can get some peace and
quiet around here!

Presenting: James, now 26!

The traditional breakfast in bed.
James requested an Egg-McMuffin and fruit.

(I would put a picture of him in bed eating it,
but him and his attire...or lack not fit for
public viewing.)

The Cake... homemade chocolate cake with
store-bought frosting, per his request. (The cake
is actually just a fill in, something to serve our friends,
because he didn't want to share the green mint
brownies I also made him.)


The Friends: Sue, Nick, Teresa, Jon, and James.
Dave is here somewhere...

The Birthday Boy

Here is to another great year!!

Hope you had a good one
James-y Boy!


Spencer said...

Store bought frosting? Looks like the traditional Steel Birthday rainbow chip on top of a chocolate cake to me.

The only modification that I made this year was a rice krispy treat police car on top.

Oh ya!


Dave to Claire said...

I hear you on being older than the husband and them letting you know if forever. I am only 2 months older than David but he always lets me know it. I cant believe you bothered making the cake from scratch--I thought I taught you better than that! :)