Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite Things 2010

Back by popular demand (not really
our list of Favorites for this past year!

These are the things we were obsessed with,
couldn't live with out, and used/had ALOT.

And yes, I do realize a-lot of these have 
to do with food... 

First up and in no particular order:

(Most of these pictures are not mine.)

I can't mention a post like this
without Zupas.  Best soup, best
bread, best salads.

This happens to be one of my favorite combos...
Tomato Soup and Nuts about Berries Salad. MMMM!

This game happens to be a favorite with our 
friends in Salt Lake.  Hardly a night when we 
are all together goes by without breaking out 
the cards and chips.  So much fun.  Especially
when I win, but I'll admit, that doesn't happen 
TOO often.

James and I have pretty much
 perfected the art of homemade
pizza this year.  (At least to
our standards.) The secret is 
FRESH mozzarella and thin crust.
We were on a quest to re-make pizza
from Italy. We aren't that close actually
but we are the closest we've ever been.

This is more of a James favorite 
than my favorite. The series is good
I just got tired of the same thing.
But Jack Bauer is still a stud and
James LOVES this show!  

 This is a new-found favorite.
We showed up on a Friday one
night, ordered the date night
special.  Ate so much delicious
food they had to wheel us out
of there.  We have not let ourselves
go back, but just know that it is 
hard not to.

James started school this year!
This is a pic of his first day.
He is glad that this semester is 
over with, but he must admit that
he enjoyed himself much more than he
thought he would.  That also makes for 
a happy wife.  One semester down!

If our budget allows it, we try to
get out on two date nights. One date 
night for dinner and one date night
for a small treat.  Well, we are obsessed
with all things related to Oreo's and Ice
Cream.  Coincidentally, one of our favorite
places to go in Logan is Casper's Ice Cream.
The place is so cute and classic and the ice
cream is rich and thick.  

 Um. if you read this blog at all
you already know we had problems with
this show a couple months ago.  It took
over our whole life and we/I love Michael
Scofield.  It was a great series, but 
most especially the first season.  

This is a great Date Night place.
We can order one burrito for $10 bucks,
split it between the two of us, and 
chow down on free all you can eat chips
and salsa.  It is a great deal!

I don't know if this should be called
a Favorite thing, but it was a big
thing for us in 2010.  We left our
jobs, friends, and first apartment
in Salt Lake for a big move to Logan
so James could start school.  It has
turned out to be a great move, but we 
still have to say we loved our time in 
Salt Lake and miss our friends.  We visit
them every chance we get!  Here are some
pics of the old apartment... Oh and
we took that bottom picture after a day
full of moving heaving boxes up and
down 2 flights of stairs all day.  Don't
judge.  haha!  

Now don't let the seemingly lame-ness quality of
this next picture fool you.  This game rocks.
Our favorite couple to play this with would
probably be Dave and Teresa. It is always
boys against girls and there is always
fights and "googling" and looking up words 
in the dictionary.  It is a good night.  
And we all make up in the end. 

I've been busy baking a bit lately.
My favorite things to make are cakes
and cupcakes.  Decorating them is just
so much fun.  My cousin and I took some
cake decorating courses earlier this
year that was so much stinkin fun.
Here are a few creations 
of the past few months.

James and I were able to go to Oregon
Coast with my family this year.  It was
the first time my family as it is now, has
ever gone on an official vacation. It was 
awesome and so fun to show my family
the sights. 

This year has been a great year of 
learning and education and officially
getting my business started.  I have 
taken classes that I loved from a great
teacher Brooke Snow. I feel I have 
grown so much in photography and my 
understanding my camera and being more
creative.  I love Photography and I'm 
excited to learn where 2011 takes me!

I'm sure there has been more things that have 
stood out to us this year, but I think this 
pretty much sums up our year up to this point.  

Go Here for a link to our 
favorite things of 2009.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend in Salt Lake

We went to Salt Lake last 
weekend for this wedding:

Which was BEAUTIFUL!  So cute 
and classy.  Not to mention they had
ZUPAS cater their luncheon.  If you 
know me at all, you know that Zupas
is my favorite place to eat.  I ate so much 
soup and bread I had a stomach ache all day
but I have decided that it was WORTH IT!  

Logan needs a Zupas.

So of course, I didn't get one picture 
of the wedding, but we got a few hanging 
out at Dave and Teresa's house...
our gracious hosts.

The boys had a slight obsession 
with an N64 Football game this trip.

No big deal cause the girls and 
I had a lot to catch up on.

But we did get in quite a 
bit for our time here...

Bowling, Poker, Word on the Street...

Then Teresa made waffles and homemade
granola for breakfast.  Freaking amazing!

We miss our friends!  
Thanks D&T for letting us stay with you guys!

Oh and Merry Christmas...here is a 
glimpse at the lights on our Christmas Tree.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The donut

I made a cake tonight!

I was informed it looked like a donut.

It is hollow and hard as a rock.
BUT,come on people... 
it looks like a donut!  

That is all i have to say.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

That's love baby!


Eating the end piece of the 
banana bread so your husband 
can have the middle piece.

(So sorry about the horrid picture)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Cozy Snowy Evening

Spent last night...

Baking for the Holiday

Watching the swirling snow outside my
window and shaking my head at all
of the crazy drivers out on the road.

Frosting Sugar Cookies with James

Watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
(It was the best episode...the one where
she goes back to Boston to see her
mom and Sully goes there to find her.)

Spending today...

Folding Laundry
Wrapping Presents

Listening to Christmas Music
(Niel Diamond, Martina McBride,
and SheDaisy, as well as a few 
oldie goldies I found on ITunes.)

for James to get home so that we 
can spend Thanksgiving in Idaho with Family.

Jobs, Snowy Roads, and Storms can make
holiday's a beast in the Wintertime!  

I hope everybody has a 
great Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Taylor Swift

I have decided I'm a girl 
who can get rather um...



But I'm sorry, have you heard this yet?

I love her honesty and writing style.

And I now hate John Mayer.  haha

I would recommend getting the Target 
version because there are 3 extra songs on it.
(3 extra great songs)

While I'm on the verge of being very 
much OD'd on this CD, I must say
Speak Now, Dear John, 
Never Grow Up, Enchanted
If This was a Movie, and 
Superman (cause it reminds me of someone)
are still my top plays.

It might not be for everyone,
but I happen to love it! 

And I promise that I will start to
post real stuff soon.  Just as soon
as we start doing something interesting.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I promise this is the last one...

Homemade Pizza




Michael Scofield

Three episodes left.

It ends tonight.


Is it a bit too obsessive if I actually have to stop myself 
from praying for Michael Scofield while James 
and I were saying our prayers before bed?

Friday, November 5, 2010

dang it

We had a nice 4 day break.

Thinking we could hold out until

Then ONE of us cracked.

It begins again...

I'm sorry house, I'll take care 
of you in a couple weeks.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can't live with them...


They come 



can't quite

finish the job...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I don't know what to name this

A few weeks (months??) ago a good friend of mine from
good ol' IFA came up to Logan.  It was so fun to catch
up on all of our juicy company gossip!  Love this girl!  

Friday, October 29, 2010

Riddle me this

Oh what's that you ask?

Why is my house a declared disaster zone?

Why has there been two big pots "soaking" 
in the sink for daayyss?

Why is the counter-top in my kitchen so covered and filled 
with dirty dishes that I can't see the counter? (sorry, tmi.)

Why has my laundry sat in the basket, not folded and 
not put away for about a week or so?

Why are the bedrooms in my house extremely messy, 
cluttered, and with clothes everywhere?

Why am I having such a hard time getting over 
the flu and cold I've had for over a week?

Why am I so tired all of the time?

Why have we not taken as many walks through 
the beautiful autumn season in Logan as I had planned?

Why do I have dreams of being in prison and trying to 
escape like how Michael Scofield did?

OH.  Perhaps this is why... 

We are obsessed, addicted, 
and pathetic all rolled into one.

The other night we even went so far as to have a 
sleepover in the front room on the love sac
next to the TV so we could stay up later and watch longer. 

I absolutely hate this feeling of being so nasty and
lazy.  If you ever have the chance to watch Prison
Break, DON'T DO IT!  It will ruin your life!  

On a more positive note.  
I have today off from
work and James and I have an agreement that 
we are not allowed to watch Prison Break without
each other, so I have all day to get my house 
cleaned, vacuumed, swept, laundered, and washed.

(except a few days ago, I had time to do some cleaning
but ended up just watching some of my favorite parts we
had already watched from Prison Break...)


Monday, October 25, 2010

Micah's Cake

My cutie-pie niece Micah turned 8 and got baptized 
this last weekend.  James was lucky enough to get 
Saturday off so we made a weekend out of it visiting 
his and my parents.  I asked my sister if I could make
Micah a cake because lets face it, I never get the chance
to make cakes and they are my favorite thing to make.

Micah's favorite colors are blue and green.

Micah loves white cake with white frosting.  So the top cake
is a homemade white cake with a caramel frosting filling and the
bottom cake is a butter pecan cake also with a caramel filling.
(mostly cause I was too lazy to figure out another filling, but
I figured anything is better with caramel.) The cake is frosted
with a buttercream frosting, then covered in fondant.

 It turned out to be much more work than anticipated...haha!
But I loved it!  I finished it up at my mom's house and
my sister in law (who is awesome at decorating cakes herself)
helped me "glue and paste" all the flowers and stripes and stuff.
We had a blast decorating to Taylor Swift in the background!  
Thanks Caitlin!

Me and Miss Micah at the church.
Congratulations Micah!
It was a great weekend and so fun to see and
visit with family.  James and I both just love our in-laws
and realize how lucky we are to have great parents and families!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day with MA SISTAS

Last Saturday was 
particularly awesome.  

I will explain more about it all tomorrow on
my photography blog.  But I couldn't help but
post a few pictures here.  I am in love with this idea.

4 Sisters. 4 Brides (at one time.)
4 Dusty Wedding Dresses.

Interesting to note 2 of the 4 brides were 
married 10 years ago, have had 4 kids, and
can still fit perfectly back in their dresses.

INSPIRING, if you ask me!

Interested in this Unique Photo Shoot?  
Arrange it with your girls, email me, call me...
I would LOVE to.

See more of our Saturday Bridal Adventures