Monday, November 22, 2010

Taylor Swift

I have decided I'm a girl 
who can get rather um...



But I'm sorry, have you heard this yet?

I love her honesty and writing style.

And I now hate John Mayer.  haha

I would recommend getting the Target 
version because there are 3 extra songs on it.
(3 extra great songs)

While I'm on the verge of being very 
much OD'd on this CD, I must say
Speak Now, Dear John, 
Never Grow Up, Enchanted
If This was a Movie, and 
Superman (cause it reminds me of someone)
are still my top plays.

It might not be for everyone,
but I happen to love it! 

And I promise that I will start to
post real stuff soon.  Just as soon
as we start doing something interesting.


Brooke said...

I love Taylor, too!!!

Andrea said...

Definitely an okay obsession, I've been loving it too.