Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Cozy Snowy Evening

Spent last night...

Baking for the Holiday

Watching the swirling snow outside my
window and shaking my head at all
of the crazy drivers out on the road.

Frosting Sugar Cookies with James

Watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
(It was the best episode...the one where
she goes back to Boston to see her
mom and Sully goes there to find her.)

Spending today...

Folding Laundry
Wrapping Presents

Listening to Christmas Music
(Niel Diamond, Martina McBride,
and SheDaisy, as well as a few 
oldie goldies I found on ITunes.)

for James to get home so that we 
can spend Thanksgiving in Idaho with Family.

Jobs, Snowy Roads, and Storms can make
holiday's a beast in the Wintertime!  

I hope everybody has a 
great Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Dave to Claire said...

Enough is enough, chick! Get your eggo preggo or else! No more watching Dr. Quinn and more baby-making! :) haha Happy late Thanksgiving. love you