Monday, April 2, 2012

Things I know for sure about Running

1. Running in the rain is the best kind.

2. To get the best out of running, you need to fuel your body with healthy things all day long.

3. If you maybe didn't eat amazing that day, you will feel every single naughty calorie while you run.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  (see rule #2.)

4. Sometimes running by yourself in the quiet outdoors without an ipod stuffed into your ear can be very therapeutic.

5. Starting to run hurts.  Getting into running is tough.  Having the determination and willpower to KEEP RUNNING is hard.  But once you get CONDITIONED and make it a habit, your body starts to CRAVE it and one day you will realize that, although you have no idea how it happened, you LOVE it.

6. I am not to the point of #5 yet.  I don't love it yet, but I've been to that point before and it is awesome. Right now, I'm still in the conditioning stage, but I am much closer to loving it than I was a couple weeks ago.

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Mike and Kim said...

I wish you lived by me so we could run together. I got into it after I had Molly and now I just ran my 2nd half marathon. The first one was horrible and the second one was amazing. I cannot desirable the feeling because I felt so good the entire time. I can't wait to run a marathon someday. Keep with it and you will feel the same way as me!