Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend in Salt Lake

We went to Salt Lake last 
weekend for this wedding:

Which was BEAUTIFUL!  So cute 
and classy.  Not to mention they had
ZUPAS cater their luncheon.  If you 
know me at all, you know that Zupas
is my favorite place to eat.  I ate so much 
soup and bread I had a stomach ache all day
but I have decided that it was WORTH IT!  

Logan needs a Zupas.

So of course, I didn't get one picture 
of the wedding, but we got a few hanging 
out at Dave and Teresa's house...
our gracious hosts.

The boys had a slight obsession 
with an N64 Football game this trip.

No big deal cause the girls and 
I had a lot to catch up on.

But we did get in quite a 
bit for our time here...

Bowling, Poker, Word on the Street...

Then Teresa made waffles and homemade
granola for breakfast.  Freaking amazing!

We miss our friends!  
Thanks D&T for letting us stay with you guys!

Oh and Merry Christmas...here is a 
glimpse at the lights on our Christmas Tree.

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