Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July - Part One - Camping

This year we packed in a busy 4th of July.
It is my absolute favorite holiday, so I love keeping
busy with Barbeques, Swimming, Fireworks, and

We kicked it off Friday night camping in
the Oakley Mountains with James's Family.
Besides being close to Sub-Zero weather,
it was a blast!

We ate Tin Foil Dinners, James
and I made a Raspberry Cobbler, roasted
S'mores, slept/froze for 2 hours in our
little nylon tent, almost had a tree fall on
us in the middle of the night, crowded in my
in-law's little camper, ate pancakes, played
with the kids, hung out and talked and
laughed with family...


There was a motorcycle.

Aww...doesn't he look like a kid on Christmas morning??
Why do boys have to like only expensive toys??? And
dangerous ones??

These kids are so cute!
Boys and their toys...

What a great start to the best Holiday ever!!!

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