Friday, December 18, 2009

Forget Oprah, OUR Favorite things of 2009!!!

The year is coming to an end and let me tell you, what a wild ride it has been! James and I met, dated, got married, went to Hawaii, moved to a new little apartment, had a fun summer of Reunions, Family, Oregon Coast, Camping, Portland, Seattle Wedding, and finished it off with an awesome trip to Europe for two weeks. Not bad considering we had our first date Thanksgiving weekend of last year! Now, we are not bragging by any means, because this year shocked the both of us as well and I doubt we will have another year quite like this ever again.

Here is just a small recap of some of our favorite things, favorite obsessions, and favorite food of 2009...There is definitely a food theme happening here!

Okay, this is an obsession that has been going on for well over a year. And it is still going strong when you look into our pathetic display of food storage and there is 10 boxes stacked high. It is a beautiful sight. It will probably only last about 3 weeks though, tops.

This cozy little site goes back to our dating days and well into our marriage. Maybe that is all you need to know...

This obsession came this last summer. These are a great little treat, until you start having 3 or 4 or them at a time. We are trying to wean ourselves off of them now.

This was probably always an obsession, but it came full blasted when we had so many gift cards from our wedding to use up. We done used them all up and have been really good at not going back, so far.

Okay, yup, I told you there was a definite food theme here...this was always an obsession but it seemed to have gotten worse when we moved to our new apartment about 100 yards away from a Cafe Rio.

But who in the world can resist this naughty little jewel???

I borrowed the 1st season of 24 from my parents and for about one week, we were Jack Bauer freaks! We still need to borrow the other seasons, but I am scared as to what that will do to our social life.

We were both blessed to have AWESOME in-laws and families on both sides so we tend to go back home and visit Idaho...alot. But who can blame us?

Costco has provided us with some of the best date nights or lazy Saturday afternoon activities. One word: SAMPLES!!!

Being married to a Christmas Lighting dude, this has become a new found favorite of mine. I love seeing the lights and combinations of lights James puts on houses. He is very talented and the houses are always beautiful!!

This goes back to our dating days and just recently is making a comeback in our house. I LOVE to beat James at his own card game 13! Let me repeat. I LOVE to BEAT JAMES at his OWN CARD GAME!!!! :)

Let's not forget our very adventurous honeymoon in the beautiful land of Hawaii!!! We love that darn beach!!!

Breakfast at Dukes was definitely right up there...
And a few pics from our favorite place we stayed in Europe...ROME!!!

And that is our favorites list so far! How was 2009 for you??

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Gregg and Lacey said...

What a cute idea! I might have to copy this. I love the love sac ;)!