Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday, Pumpkins, Friends and Fun

The other day was one of my best cousins Sue's birthday! 
Wahoo!  So Teresa and Dave invited everybody over to their 
house for a Birthday /Celebration/pumpkin Carving Contest/Eat 
alot of good food party. All of which happened.  It was fun 
night and so fun to see these guys we don't get to see near 
as often as we would like. 

Here is the Birthday girl herself. Underneath her
special birthday sign.  Cropped. haha

 Scott, Jessica, and Sue

And I just realized, I didn't get anymore people pictures, 
but lots of pumpkin pics!  I brought the wrong lens with me
so I couldn't get all the pumpkins in one shot.  

 The pumpkin James's carved is the sad little guy on the
 left in the picture above.  But he wanted me to point 
out that, that is all free hand, my friends!  
No stenciling!  haha! 

 It was a fun night and well worth the drive!  
Thanks for having a birthday Shuzam!


Emily said...

Looks like fun! The girls are getting together tonight for a little shower for Lace and her baby. Wish you were here! We'll have to plan a trip to Maddox!

zealygirl said...

Good times! I love a good pumpkin carvin' party!