Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Small Town Fun...with Friends

Ever since I was little I have always LOVED Oakley, Idaho. Many people probably wonder why so let me just take about 2 seconds to outline this town for you;
Oakley, Idaho

Population: About 600 or so
One little grocery store
One gas station (closed on Sunday)
One small library
Two little cafe's (sometimes just one)
One swimming pool
One Church
One Fire Station
not a whole lot else.

But lucky for me I am a hopeless lover of small towns and to top it all off, Oakley is in the middle of a beautiful valley with the Sawtooth National Forest one one side and hills and farmground surrounding. And for one whole summer I had a crush on a young rancher from Oakley just because he was a rancher from Oakley. Now-a-days, I am just happy I married a guy who has family ties to my favorite town...and an aunt with a cabin.

Here is our weekend in pictures...and in no particular order... ( I only say that because I didn't load them right and they are all out of order)

Oh and I was too lazy to take pictures this weekend, so these pictures are courtesy of one of my very best buds, my cousin Sue. :)

The Cabin

Cleaning the cabin before we left to go home. See I told you they were out of order.

Cute girls! I love this picture!

That there is Nick, shootin a spud off the fence. I love small towns.
Night Shooting. We shot shot guns, pistols, and a Nick's Potato Gun. Awesome.

Lovely Sue!
Me and my honey giving the camera the "What-Up?"
I title this picture the "waiting" picture. We were waiting for the boys (James and Dave) to get back from chasing down a vehicle that had escaped with our truck hitch. Don't ask.

Again...It's best not to ask questions.

And again. Sorry.
The boys showing off their Muscles after "fixing" the 4-Wheeler with my awesome idea that it might be something with the fuse...(just thought I would throw that in.)
Dave and Teresa getting cozy in the dark
Me and James, getting cozy in the daylight. Let me just tell you that 4-Wheeling in the mountains can be a hot little ride.
Nick and Kelly taking their turn.
Me, James, James #2, Teresa, Dave, and Sue
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