Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A post for our friends...

This is us just giving a SHOUT OUT

To some of our very favorite people...
From Girls nights to Guys nights to Thursday night Dinner/Office Parties, to Weddings, to Receptions, to Camping, to Sporting Events and Vacations, this summer has been awesome...These are our friends and we love them!!

In no particular order...

Me and Linds

James and Nick

A few of my favorite cousins at my wedding reception luncheon
Kallie, Jaime, me, Rebecca, Lindsey, and Sue

James and Jon (this one scares me a little bit)

Jessica, Linds, Sue and Me

Dave, Teresa, James, Me, Sue, Lindsey, Jessica

Lance, Bekah, Me, James, Ross, Hailey

Me, James, Dave, Teresa, Lindsey, Rebecca

Nick and Kelli

Dave, Teresa, James, Me

James, me, Dave, Teresa, lindsey, Rebecca, Thomas, and Sue

Me, Sue, and Teresa

Me, Sue, and Lindsey

Sue and James

James, Dave, and Teresa (Pre or Post Dave's smooch on James, I don't know)

James and I with the future Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton

James, Sue, Dave, Teresa, and Ryan

Thanks for all the GOOD TIMES!!!!

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Dave and Teresa said...

Cute pictures Cindy! We do have a fun group... our weekly dinners are the best!