Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just booked the tickets...

James and I decided that we want to do a bit of
seeing the world before we settle down,
so this is the bit of world we decided to see...

And WE are SUPER excited!!!

We want a ride on one of these, (but probably not cause we are not RICH ENOUGH!)

We want to eat THIS (lots and lots of this)

And go here

Whoops, probably not here...

and see LOTS of these

and here!

We have both been to Europe before (James served his mission in England and I went with a group from BYU-I to several countries) but we can always use some good suggestions of places to go and things to see and things like that. The countries we are going to are Italy, France, and England. I know there are some world travelers out there, so if you have any ideas feel free to let us know!
I just wish we were there already!!


Mike & Kim said...

How awesome I just love Europe and want to go back again someday. Italy was my fav. I went to Rome, Florence and Venice. All wonderful! Hope you have fun! I am jealous :)

Wendy and Wes said...

Ok I'm jealous. How about you babysit my kids and I'll go in your place. :) Sounds like a lot of fun.