Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Warning...There are lots of pictures in this post, but it is my blog and my honeymoon and I happen to love pictures!

Our view from our breakfast our first morning in Hawaii.

Mmm...Lu Lu's Surf Club

I had to post these pictures because it took us forever to get it just right so that the waves were crashing just as the camera clicked. We are really, really good at entertaining ourselves...

One beautiful stop on a scenic late afternoon drive along the shore!

Hello Beach! We sure do miss you...

The Laie Hawaii Temple! Under construction!!!
TOO BAD, we will have to come back later...

Struttin with our new tatoos from the Polynesian Cultural Center DON'T MESS!

Standing atop the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.

Okay, I know that the water is the only thing in focus, but I still happen to LOVE this picture.

Our wheels in Hawaii

Some cool Japanese Temple we stopped at one day. Oh and we both got to ring the GONG. Don't be jealous...

Our last breakfast at Dukes on Waikiki. It was pretty much the best breakfast ever! Made to order omelets and Coconut Syrup anybody????

HAWAII + The Steels = True Love


Deb Plante said...

I am totally jealous that you got to ring the gong!!!

Glad you had a great time :)

zealygirl said...

I'm so glad you found me!!!! This is what I go by on the Internet, so I'm not a random stalker. You guys look so great! I love your hair; I haven't seen it since it was, like, chin length. You are so beautiful. Now I'm just gushing. It's been so long!

FYI, you are still my photography inspiration; I now belong to a blog where we do photo challenges a couple of times a week. I've never won, but I have fun.

So good to hear from you!

Andrew, Jana, and Sydney said...

I found your blog from the comment on Wendy's. Congratulations on the wedding! Looks like Hawaii was fun! Love ya!