Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big things from the last week

In no particular order...

1. Our big group of friends all went SNOWBOARDING together last Saturday at Powder Mountain. We have done several SKIING trips, but this was a first SNOWBOARDING trip. I don't snowboard. I barely ski. Most of the group were beginners or had only been snowboarding a couple of times, except Nick who is like a pro. But it was fun, alot of us were learning at the same time. It was also super frustrating, especially when James (who had only been a few times before) was circling around my freshly fallen sore toosh on the mountain doing 360's on his board.

2. My cousin Teresa and I are taking a cake decorating class! We are both so excited! We went to our first class last Tuesday and it sounds like it's going to be awesome! We get to bake a cake and bring it to class for next Tuesday and start decorating. Our husbands laugh at us now, but they will be begging us for a piece of our masterpieces later.

3. So apparently, our Bishop thought it would be a good idea for James and I to participate in Sunday School more and made us Gospel Doctine Teachers in our ward. And even better, it is the OLD TESTAMENT. We are super scared, but we are secretly excited for the excuse to dig in deep and really study. But did I mention that we were terrified?

4. Two weekend's ago, we went to Ogden Canyon with James's brother and two CUTE little nephews to stay in a condo for the weekend. It was a fun, relaxing weekend! We even went sledding twice. I forgot how much fun sledding is and James had forgotten how much fun it is to tackle and whitewash your wife a bajillion times.

5. James and I have been getting pretty good and faithful at going to the gym. We go with our awesome neighbors. James works out with Tim at 5:00 in the morning and Lindsey and I try to make it a few times a week after I get off work. I have even been with the boys a few times (which requires me to wake up at 4:30 AM people.) It is a good system and we are feeling so much better! It is amazing what exercise does for a person! Now if we can just eat right...

6. Last Tuesday, James and I met Dave and Teresa in Bountiful to go bowling. We had lots of fun, lots of stiff competition, and we all lost a few bets along the way. Dave and Teresa lost one game and had to read aloud a 10 Things I Love About James and Cindy list at our next Office/Dinner Party. It was a great moment for James and I and it even outshined the fact that we had to bring them donuts and buy them ice cream.

7. James is going to be starting with Scott's Fertilizer Company this next week, but for the past little while, James has usually been able to meet me for lunches at least a couple times a week. I love it! He usually brings me a homemade mini pizza we make out of wheat pita rounds with my favorite topping pinneaple and green peppers on it. It is delish and we make sure to always make a quick stop at Costco to check out their samples for our dessert. We are getting really good at leaving Costco not spending a dime (which I always thought was impossible.)

Life has sure been good to us and we are trying to live up every minute and we can't wait until SPRING!!!!


Andrea said...

Hey Cindy, it's Andrea. I found your blog. You and your husband are so cute and do tons of fun stuff!!

Jensen Family said...

You're blog always brings a smile to my face. Stop having sooooo much fun ;) you make me jealous!

Bekah said...

I told Lance that James makes & brings you lunch to work, he just looked at me and said "what?! i'm not bringing you lunch in the middle of the night! they're still newly weds." enjoy it! :)

ME ME ME said...

You guys always do fun stuff. We're glad you're loving life and having a blast. I want to go skiing with you next time! :)