Monday, September 27, 2010

The latest

We have been keeping pretty darn 
busy these days...

Here is a few things we've been up to.

1. Two new jobs!  While I have been working at the Coppermill Restaurant in their banquet department, I just recently got a new job and I start on Monday.  It is a good ol' 9-6, office work kind of job, but at least I'm not a receptionist anymore! James is working part time for a furniture company here in Logan.  Life is good, as long as there is some money rolling in...  

2. Taking beautiful drives around Cache Valley and loving the change of the weather.  

3. Eating peaches!  We bought a huge old box of peaches a week ago and have almost consumed them all! We love us some peaches!

4. Getting to know our new ward members!  We have only been in the ward a month or so, but are loving it already!  So many great people and have already made friends.

5. We've been to Bear Lake about 3 or so times since we have moved here.  Twice with friends and once with our ward.  Love it!  Here's a few pics.

6. James has been going to school and actually enjoying most of his classes!  Hallelujah!  

7. And finally...I'm a Dot Com!!!!  I have been working hard on my photography website and am loving the results!  Check it out! 

The Website

Well, signing off for now...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the office job! So...does that mean a little Steele will be on it's merry way soon then? I miss your face


Mike and Kim said...

Hey Cindy I love your pictures on your website! You are very talented. Just wondering if you give any sort of family discounts? We will be in Utah for Christmas and I'm thinking of maybe getting Molly's pictures taken while we are there. Let me know, if it worked out with timing I would love to have you take some pictures of her! Hope you are doing well!

Casey said...

Your website looks awesome!!