Thursday, July 25, 2013

Playing Catch-up

Things lately...I decided I want to print this blog to use as out journal from early married I'm attempting to update the big events that have transpired from oh...say...the last 4 years. :)

Here we go...

We had a fun slumber party with Lisa's kids one night. We took them to get Shaved Ice, walked the bridge, watched a movie, ate pizza, ate popcorn, and wayyyy too much candy.

We also played lots of games. And...they were all still asleep in the love sac by 9 in the morning. ;)

A very sad and tragic death occurred in our family. Emma Joy, Richard and Caitlin's baby girl, was born early and via an emergency C-Section at 8 months. She passed away the next day. My mom had flown out earlier to be with Richard and I drove with my dad to Oregon and we were there for a few days to offer love and support. It was a very sad, sad time. 

James and I and our cousins and friends went to Zion's National park for a couple days. Super fun. Lots of hiking and eating and laughs. Per usual with this crowd.

Lindsey and Charlie

And...this little gem just for fun. ;)

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