Friday, April 9, 2010

Ode to Cholula


Oh Cholula,
What would we do without you?

What would we put on our Egg Sandwiches every
morning without you nestled in between a delightful
fried egg, wheat toast, and a bit of cheese?

What would we do to dress up our tacos?
Taco's, normally so boring and drab, just
NEED your deliciously spicy-pizazz.

James says you're even good with tuna fish
and just last night he asked me to make him his
favorite, turkey, spinach, and you stuffed in a pita.

You are also very helpful for the health consious since
even with all your flavor you still claim ZERO calories!

So I guess what we are trying to say is
You make our day!!


Anonymous said...

Most people don't go to Cafe Rio for their hot sauces but you have to look for their little shelf of hot sauces that includes "Iguana Gold". This is the most flavorful hot sauce I have ever tried. Don't put it on the pork. Its too sweet. But dang its good.

Jessica said...

kinda makes me want to go to mexico.