Monday, April 19, 2010

Monthly Girl Talk

Once a month some of my friends from
High School get together for a girls
night. Sometimes we meet at a resturant
and sometimes we take turns
eating dinner at each others homes.

It is always fun and always entertaining
and I always love hearing about the different
stages of life we are all in. It is a
gab-fest of Jobs, Husbands, Babies, and
whatever else girly we need to discuss.

Here are all of us at our last
get-together at Iggy's.

Me, Lacey, Emily, Elena, and Venita.

Thanks for all the good times girls!


Emily said...

Can we just black my face out? I look awful! The rest of you look cute!! We will be sad when you move away :(

Dave to Claire said...

I need girl time with you. YOu better not even think about leaving for school before you play with you. Have you found a job down there yet? When's the big move date?

Gregg and Lacey said...

ahh! How sweet! I'm totally stealing this picture. I love our Girl's Nights. We need another one soon!