Friday, August 27, 2010


A couple weekends ago a group of us went fishing.  
At the Fish Hatchery.
I caught 2 fish.  That makes 3 total fish for my entire life.  
I guess it does help to be at a 
fish hatchery where the fish are practically  
jumping up and down, begging to be caught.   

After we had a bonfire at Dave's parents house where 
the boys filleted and fire roasted their fish while 
Teresa and I happily settled for a hot dog.  
Complete with S'mores.  

Oh Summer, we are going to miss you when you leave us.

This one is where Dave couldn't settle for just an average fish cleaning, 
so he jumped behind the counter and did it himself.  haha!

Another jewel of Dave's I found hidden on my camera.  
I couldn't resist.  

Enjoy your last days of summer!

1 comment:

Dave and Teresa said...

What a fun night! Good thing we got those hot dogs... that fish was disgusting! ha ha good times!