Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Oregon Coast

What do you get when you combine a cozy beach house, 8 Children all under the age of Seven, 8 adults, the beautiful ocean, Boogie Boards, Wet Suits, Seashells, Lighthouses, My mom and dad's A#1 breakfasts, Sticky Bun Ice Cream (perhaps the most amazing ice cream ever invented), and the Tillamok Cheese Factory??? 

Well, let me tell you...

This year, thanks to James's idea, we roped my entire family, except my brother and his wife who couldn't make it, into going out to the coast.  For all of the kids it was the first time seeing the ocean and for all of the adults except James and I, it was the first time visit to the Oregon Coast.

And I don't think it will be our last...

And it was Beautiful!

We hadn't even been there five minutes and already he was trying to throw me in...

Micah and I at Short Sand Beach.

I love everything about this picture.  Boys.

The entire bunch.

My sister's family.

The bridge on the way out of the beach.

Almost bedtime story hour by the great story teller, Lisa.  After the kids were all in bed,
the adults would stay up and talk and laugh and play games.  So fun!

In the parking lot to see this great beauty...

Cape Meares Lighthouse.

Oh baby!


My brother's family.

The cool bridge that crosses from Oregon into Washington.

We took a little trolley ride in Astoria.

Each night a different family took a different night to cook dinner.  This was James and I's idea of a Barbeque on the beach!  We roasted hot dogs and had watermellon and chips.  So much fun!

And we always had time to squeeze in a little boogie boarding...

Even my dad got into it!  haha

Our last day we had a visit from James's sister Stacey and her husband Collin.

We went to eat at the Pirate's Cove right on the bay and had alot of seafood. 
Well, they did, I had a hamburger and a BITE of Crab and a BITE of
 Lobster.  Ugh...My all cow meat hamburger was very tasty though.

We couldn't resist a smooch on the beach!  :) 
Don't even worry about it...

One thing is for sure...Family ROCKS!  Oregon was a complete blast!


zealygirl said...

That looks like a great time!

I loved going to the Tillamok factory, as well. The waffle cones were heavenly!

Way to create a good time!

Dave to Claire said...

cute photos girly! Looks like you had a blast. When do you guys move to Logan and start school? I want pics of the new place. :)