Monday, March 12, 2012

Runner Girl

Today was a historic occasion.

I got back in the fitness saddle again and got in my running shoes.  Except MY running shoes
are nowhere near as cute as these shoes.

I was inspired by THIS lady, who I found on PINTEREST to do the Couch to 5K training program.  It is 2 months long and I am kind of excited.  Today was my first day on the program.  It isn't super hard, and I was actually a bit embarrassed by how winded I was at the end, but I could have done much more, but the program says to hold back to build up your tolerance and strength so you don't over do it and hate it.  I want to do this right, so hopefully by the end, I will enjoy running again.  I enjoyed it once, a few years ago, running with my best running buddy/cousin EVER Lindsay,  but ever since then, I have slowly gotten out of shape, and that enjoyment has been SEVERELY lacking.

SO.  I am using this pathetic little blog to hold me accountable.  And also to post about me and James again.  My photography blog has been my main focus the past year or so, but I think I'm ready to start sharing more of James and I again.  For like the 3 people who might still read this blog.

Oh, and Hi!


Andrea said...

I want those shoes they're cute! Also.. I started the couch to 5k this year too and I hate running. I am on week 8 and I don't hate it.. never thought id make it there especially since i re-did week 1 about 5 times. So good luck!

Linzi said...

I've missed reading about YOU! Can't wait to hear more about you and your hubby :) Good luck with the running. I'm still trying to find the love I once had. Maybe I should give this couch to 5k a try....