Friday, July 10, 2009


4TH OF JULY...Bradshaw Style!!!

The Best Barbeque Ever at Layne and Barb's... mmm...I look forward to it all year!!

The Newlyweds...The Carlsons and The Steel's

Pretty sisters

Kristy, Mom, Aunt Marilyn, Kim, Jeanette, Mike

Marc, Makayla, Mitch, Jaci

Linds and Teresa

What the????????

Much better!

NOW...the moment we have all been waiting for...

Throw-Down at the Well!!!
Thinking about it...

Still thinking...

Holy Freaking Coldness Batman!

More Crazies...

Me and Linds...back for ROUND 2

Uncle Layne


Richard...yes folks, that is his Bare Skin! I repeat, that is NOT a White T-Shirt...

Me and my SUN-BURNT honey

I LOVE my family!!!

All of the very brave Well Jumpers

Mom and Aunt Barb

Awesome Cousins - Garrett, Troy, Kalli

Lisa and a couple of her kiddos

There we are again! Me with no make-up and James with a very sexy, smoldering 5:00 shadow...mmm...just how i like it!

Dad and Braxton

Who invited the REDNECk to the party???

Have you ever watched a 50 pound ANVUL blow up in the air from homemade black powder in the middle of your Uncle's hay field ???? NO?? Then it is your lucky day...

Mom, Caitlin, Richard, Jon, and Brandon

Watching the gun competition

Kalli, catchin some rays!

My dad racing with Micah at the reunion. The cutest thing in the whole world! It reminded me of when my Grandpa Bradshaw would do the same thing with me twenty years ago...
HOLY CRAP, am i really that old to be saying that phrase?!

Marcus giving Shelby shooting advice. As if she needs it...

A couple of my favorite people ever!

All in all, the people voted it one of the very Best Reunions Ever!

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