Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Highlight

So... For most holidays in the past living on the Wasatch Front, I would get the H out of Utah and head home to Idaho, but this year James and I decided to try something new. We celebrated Utah's famous Pioneer day by actually staying in Utah! And you know what????? It was FUN!
We kicked off the 24th by heading up to Logan to swim and have a barbeque with my cousins at Liz and John's house. I'm sorry but my family just rocks!! And I happened to be awful at taking pictures this weekend, so you just get a few that I stole from Sue's facebook page. I will try to post more later...
Disclaimer: James and I really do like Utah. It has been very good to us, but there is just no place like home.

There is us girls getting ready to head to the Dam to swim.
Me, Sue and Linds

Lindsey, Teresa, Dave, Becca, me

Just after getting dunked in the dam water by my dam husband.

Don't know why, but a few of us decided to swim out to the Bouey. (I don't know how to spell that)

Hoofin it back to the shore. It has been a long time since swimming lessons. Good thing Dogie Paddling is always in style.

Classic pose by the 3 Bradshaw sisters... Wait, make that two sisters and a cousin. I forget.

The Dam Crew:
James, me, Dave, Teresa, Lindsey, Rebecca, Thomas, and Sue. + Jon taking the picture...

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Wendy and Wes said...

You are so stinkin' cute. I am coming to Utah the 2nd weekend in September so keep your calendar open. BTW weren't you supposed to call me?...