Monday, May 10, 2010

A great Weekend

We had a great weekend and I didn't
want to forget how nice it was so I decided to
write it all down.

We kicked it off by going on a double date with my
brother and sister in law Casey and Tracy. We met
at Red Robin for dinner (Amazing Fries by the way)
and then went to see this...

And I have to admit...I didn't really care
about the first movie all that much. But
we LOVED this movie. Lots of action and
Robert Downey Jr makes the whole movie!
It was so much fun!
Saturday morning, James and I got up early
and braced ourselves for the crowds...

We did the Race for the Cure 5K
in Salt Lake at the Gateway. I had done it
once before and it was a great experience and
so I was excited to do it again. James and I
ran/walked the whole 5K (running more than
walking, thank you very much.) Although James
probably could have ran the whole dang thing,
he was a good husband and stuck by me! I will
get back into running shape this summer...

After the race we pointed the ol' Toyota North to
Idaho to suprise both of our moms
for Mother's Day. After a quick stop at Cracker
Barrel for a Post Race Breakfast, of course.

We got to Gooding and spent a fun time with
James's Parents in Gooding. We helped his dad
and mowed the lawn (with their awesome dixon
lawn-mower.) Where was that kind of lawn mowing
when I was a kid?! I would have complained about
my dreaded chore lots less, I'm sure, if I had
one of those puppies! We ordered Pizza and watched
a movie Saturday night and then had church and
the most amazing Sunday nap that afternoon. It
is always fun to hang out and just visit and
talk with James's Parents. I love my in-laws!
James and I were both very lucky to have great
in-laws! :)
Then we headed down to Rupert for a few hours
on our way back to Utah. It was awesome! We
got there in time to eat dessert with my mom
and grandma and brother and sister in law. Then
We went out side and helped my dad milk
cows! Just like riding a bike, you just never
forget how. It was fun to get back into the barn
and get dirty again and spending time with my dad
is always a treat. Then my sister and brother in law
came over and we played with these
cute kiddos (who are getting so
stinkin big)

and then chatted with everybody for a while
which turned our quick 2 hour stop into a 4 1/2 hour
stop, putting us back in Salt Lake at midnight!

Oh well, any second spent back home in Idaho will
ALWAY be well worth it!

Happy Mother's Day to our mom's!
We love you!!

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**DiXoNs** said...

Sounds like you guys had so much fun! I will have to tell ryan you liked iron man 2 we weren't sure about going to see it but I think we will now. Oh and Ps, thats right our lawn mower is the best out there! ha ha