Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You did WHAT?!?!

My mom came and stayed last night at the
Steel B&B and it was pretty dang fun. I dropped her off early
at the airport this morning for her flight out to Arizona
for a couple days.

She took us out to of James and I's favorite place.
Tomato Soup and California Turkey sandwich (cold) case anybody is wondering.

Then we watched The Biggest Loser (What the heck Daris?!?!)

But it was after the show was over and we were all just
lounging around, that my mom's true colors came out.

While we were sworn to secrecy, we got her to tell us some of
the things she did in High School that she swore she would
NEVER tell her mom. Some of it was pretty good too...
(Not BAD things), just those things you wouldn't necesarrily
want your mom to hear least not until 20 or 30
years down the road and they can't get mad at you anymore.

Now I can't wait to have that talk with my mom in 20 years!
I've got some things to get off my chest...

JUST KIDDING MOM! We love you, thanks for visiting!

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Casey said...

So what did she do? We may need to have you over for dinner to discuss