Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Development

We are a little obsessed with The
Biggest Loser around our house.
And while I actually have discovered I really like
ALL of the contestents still on the show,
(Even Mike and Sunshine, althoughthey both can be
babies) I have changed my favorite.
Originally, I posted here that I wanted Sam or Koli to win.
AlthoughI still really like them, I want Daris to win...

He has this underdog quality about him, but he is still
awesome and a hard worker. He has these little
puppy dog eyes and voice that just gets to me! haha
NBC wouldn't let me steal any new pictures from
Makeover week last night, but click here to see how far
Daris has come. He is my first pick for Biggest Loser with
Koli or Ashley coming in second...
The show is getting pretty intense!

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