Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Stop...VENICE, ITALY

The Itinerary:

October 18th - Fly from Seattle to Phillidelphia then from

Philly to Venice.

Arrived in Venice at 7:45 am (We were scheduled to arrive at 9:00 am, but because of an awesome pilot and a tail wind, we got there an HOUR AND A HALF early!!

After an expensive cab ride to our hotel from a mean driver who doesn't seem to like the land of the free, we arrived. Then we took a train out of our ghetto hotel land to the touristy part of Venice. You know, the canals and gondolas, and stuff!


The cute street with the best pizza of our lives.

Us eating the best pizza of our lives. It is all about the Margherita pizza baby!

The beautiful canals!

We walked/got lost in these streets for hours...

Soooo pretty!

No Gondola Ride for us...We needed to have money for more pizza.

Sorry, I can't get enough of these pics! Maybe that is why we had 800 or so to sort through when we got home...

We chose poorly here. All pizza is not created equal in Venice. You see we can't read Italian and we didn't know that that delicious looking white sauce was actually blue cheese. NASTY! Don't worry though, we went back to our favorite place and got more...

We saw this place...

Pretty amazing!

By this time though, we were going on about 36 hours of no or very little sleep, so we were about done in...

I loved all the pretty windows!

Here she is folks, the one of a kind "Vienna Hotel"
After hanging out a few hours in touristy Venice, we couldn't take any more and went back to our hotel and slept for 5 hours straight. We woke up, ate dinner (best calzone of our lives) then slept hard for another 8 hours til morning.
We really know how to vacation!
I took pics of all of our hotels and hostels for your viewing pleasure!
Stay tuned...next up our drive through Tuscany, Florence and finally into Rome!!


Brooke said...

Someone left the toilet seat up! (But in spite of that I still wish I was there... well, not in the bathroom so much, but there in Venice!)

The Romney Family said...

Holy cow, AWESOME TRIP! What the heck were you doing in my very favorite place IN THE WORLD? I'm so jealous. I've been dying to go back to Italy (mostly for the gelato, I'll be honest).

So thanks for the message! It's great to hear from you, and I'm so glad you are doing so well. Sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to you, but our internet has been down all week for some reason, and it's been harder than expected for me to get my butt down to the library to use it there. Anyway, hopefully it'll be back up soon. I'm excited to read through all your posts and see how you've been living married life! Pretty fun, huh? You guys look like you're sure having a blast! I'm so happy for you! It'd be fun to see you sometime--we should get together for lunch or something whenever you're free.

Mike & Kim said...

How fun! I love Italy so much. I want to go back so bad! It was my favorite place in Europe. Glad you made it home safe.

SuiKim Friedmann said...

I LOVE Italy too - the pizza IS absolutely amazing...but the gelato...oh the gelato...HeAVenLy!!! and the pasta....mmm...I want to take Steven back so bad!!! I'm so glad you guys had fun there; I didn't even know you guys were planning on going! Awesome pictures!

Woolcott Family said...

Man, that pizza really does look good! Oh, and the buildings and scenery stuff too...