Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pioneer Woman Cookbook Signing!!

So...If any of you haven't heard of The Pioneer Woman...shame on you! Go here to check her out. She is hilarious and her cooking is amazing! She just released a cookbook and was on a tour around select cities in the US. For some reason though James had zero interest in attending a cookbook signing. Oh well, these things are better for a girls night anyway. So one of my best friends and cousin Teresa went with me.

Here we were PACKED in the room waiting for the Pioneer Woman to get here. The place was PACKED! It was a lot of estrogen.

She finally made it! She was so cute and funny! We just loved her.

Okay, I know it was a cookbook signing and I faithfully brought my cookbook to have it signed but I didn't realize it would be a madhouse, so instead of waiting another couple of hours in line, we left after her question and answer session. I don't really care about signatures, I just wanted to see if she was as awesome in person as she was on her website. And she was!!!

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Dave and Teresa said...

Hurray for the Pioneer Woman! James and Dave just don't understand a girl and her book... but they sure appreciate the finished product!