Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We finally arrived in Paris after a long, low budget flight that included the following:

*Metro on strike
*Take expensive taxi instead
*LOONG wait at low budget airport
*Wait in big big room crammed with people waiting for late flights
*Flight hour and a half late
*Bored, play UNO with two cute little German Girls
*Plane arrives
*Bus arrives to take us to plane
*Board plane
*Make friends with Kevin seated next to us
*Arrive in Paris...almost
*Low budget airport an hour OUTSIDE Paris
*Buy bus ticket to get to Paris.
*Take Metro to our hotel
*Grab dinner at McDonalds (don't judge, it tastes better in Europe)
*Go to sleep!

When we woke up, after a breakfast of a delicious Croissant and a chocolate crepe, we head

I love everything about the Eiffel tower!

Just so you know, the words "Escalator" in French does not mean escalators or elevator. So when you buy two tickets up the Escalator it does not mean you get a ride up in something that is motorized and takes you up without any effort. Escalator means you pay the Eiffel Tower so you can walk up to the second level, which, happens to be pretty high, and then you can BUY more tickets to take you in an ELEVATOR the rest of the way. Just so you know. It was a good thing we had a few crepes to work off...

We were a little bit sweaty, but happy!

City as far as you can see in any direction.

Just a little photoshoot at the bottom of the Eiffle Tower. Don't even worry about it.

Notre Dame. This place was awesome! We got a tour and learned lots. I wanted to go up to the top to look at the gargoyles, but you had to get here at the crack of dawn in the morning to stand in line...maybe next time.

James, deep in thought.

We had LOTS of kissing pictures, you should be glad I have spared you until now! I can't take him anywhere.

The Arc de Triumph!!

My honey de Triumph!

We walked this street and bought some really good pastries!

We ran into some people that we knew while in Paris. James's sister and brand new brother in law were honeymooning. We hung out with them while going for a walk around the Eiffel Tower and made plans to go to the Palace of Versailles the next day!

This place is awesome at night!

It even sparkles sometimes! I didn't realize it changed colors either!

The four of us at the train station, heading to The Palace.

I always had my coat on because I was always freezing! James toughed it out though, but I think he wished he had a coat this day. BRRR!!!

The Hall of Mirrors. Pretty Ridiculous.

The King's Bedroom.

James and I in the King's bedroom getting our snob on...

The Palace Gardens...Forget the Palace, I want to camp out here!

The Fountain Show at the Palace!

My personal favorite. Marie Antoinette's little palace, located way back in the gardens. We walked there and it was beautiful!

And back even further in the gardens, you run into these cute little cottages. Word has it that Marie Antoinette would come out here when the people of France hated her and pretended to be milkmaid with her servents and make believe a humble living. Interesting.

James loved it too! haha. He is going to kill me...

I don't care what Marie Antoinette was smoking, these places are beautiful! I think if I were her I would have lived out here too!!

I think it was just nice to get out of a city for a while. After all, we are just a couple kids from Idaho.

The outdoor resturant we ate at on the Champes Elysees. The food I got happened to be Expensive and Disgusting.

Stacey and Collin

The last morning in Paris, James and I hiked it up to the Sacre Coure. It was awesome! It had a whole street of cute shops! So we did what any tourist would do and got a crepe and did some shopping.

Beautiful and very unique!


James and me with Ms. Lisa behind us.

The Champes Elysees at night! We climbed to the top of the Arc de Triumph for this view.

For our last night in Paris we decided that our time would be best spent walking around the river and the Eiffel Tower. We topped it off with our last and very best and most delicious crepe in Paris.

It was a beautiful and very romantic night in Paris!

And of course, here is our Hotel in Paris. It is a two star hotel, but it was awesome! It was right next to the metro and had lots of things close by. The front desk people were VERY helpful for Frenchies and our room was clean and roomy. Not to mention the big screen TV. (Even though every channel was in French so it didn't do us any good, but it looked nice though...)

The first day here, we had no shower curtain. The next day (after the maid had to clean up our mess) we had a shower curtain. Like magic!

This was an amazing bakery right next to our hotel. We bought our croissant breakfast here every morning. Here is James buying our croissants early the next morning before we got in a train to take us under the channel to


Goodbye Paris! We will miss your metro system, your Eiffel Tower, and your Chocolate Crepes!


The Romney Family said...

I really am pretty flexible. Kate usually naps once in the morning and once in the afternoon, but the times kind of vary day to day, so we could just plan whatever and I'd try to work around it and make sure she slept beforehand.

The Romney Family said...

And P.S. I'm so jealous you got to see the fountain show. I think they must shut it off in the winter or something because when I was there, they didn't have it going, and it was LAME.

Gregg and Lacey said...

This makes me so heart sick. I want to go back SO BAD! I truly loved it and I love all your pics!