Monday, November 23, 2009

One reason why dads are awesome...

So James has his own Christmas Lighting Business that he started about 4 years ago. He loves it and he does a great job. Earlier this year he was looking into buying a ladder rack for his truck so he could have more room in the truck bed for lights and tools and other manly things like that.

What we wanted looked kind of like this.

And it would have put us out about

600 bucks!!

That was a little bit hard to swallow.

And then I remembered my dad. He is a mechanic genius and is a whizz at creating and figuring out how to make and do things. So I asked him if he could help us out, make it cheaper - but BETTER quality (with that touch of dad love...)and in the process save us a few hundred bucks!

He agreed and set out to make us the most awesome ladder rack ever!

Not too shabby! (now if we can just get those signs on our truck straight...)

My dad even created a few custom made bells and whistles he thought of just for us! Thank you Dad, we LOVE IT!! Next time you are in the market for something rugged and man made and super expensive, check with my dad first and see if he can't make it for you cheaper and better!

Now for a little Shameless advertising...


For all your Christmas Lighting Needs, call the expert!!!

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