Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Night at the Olive Garden

James won a gift certificate to The Olive Garden from winning a production contest at his work last week. He did awesome and I was super proud of him! Well, we went to try out our new gift card last weekend.

Now, what I tell you next, WILL NOT STOP ME from going to Olive Garden ever again, It just has to be talked about because it was so stinkin funny and kind of depressing, at least for James. I didn't order it! haha

There is this new item on the menu, I think it is Stuffed Chicken Marsala, which sounds delicious and the pictures make it look delicious. But WARNING...

It smells like a toilet. Probably worse than a toilet.

When the waiter brought our food over, we both were hoping it was just the waiter's BO but the scent was still super strong when he left and it was confirmed a part of James's food when he took a bite. Tastes and Smells like exactly what you would think a toilet smells and tastes like. Ugh!

To be fair, it might have just been a strong cheese mixed in the sauce that we aren't used to or something. But James loves strong cheeses and he couldn't handle this one. So, he ate quite a bit of my food and we went out for frozen yogurt afterwards to get the taste out of our mouths.
Next time...we are getting just the delicious salad and breadsticks cause it is safer.

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